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International Narcotics Review


International Narcotics



Cotmtcr narcoticsLong View

government* in drug producing or major transshipment countries arc now engaged in counter narcotics cooperation. While meetins ibe terms of various US or other Western aid programs is an importantsome ot" their efforts are almost entirely dependent on foreigngom nmenB have come to see the insidsous effect of the drug trade on their own societies, including rising addict populations and uodermieing of

legitimate political and economic systems. Antidrug cooperation worldwide is at unprecedenled levels. Some governments, like Colombia and Mexico, have oommiiled substantial resources of iheir own toew. like Colombia, have taken strong initiatives to prosecute vigorous and

The depthovernment's commitment and extent of effort in the war on drugs often depends oo the political realities it must face, including competing demands for resources and attention to other significant domestic problems. Many antidrug progisms with modest goab, even if only in response to foreign suasion, and limited result* can be tbe foundation for more significant progress later. Once antidrug etToris become more instilutionaIiied and achieverrutler hew small they maycan build for more substantial programs and greater levels of commitment and effort f



Although iraSchm are hght) adaptive, dn.-upi.jig itertad forelog ifunossics and methodsuD or lo make mt* trainfortauoa or financing and too-sey arrangemeets cat sign *ein:ly .ncieasc* and risks of the trade. Antsdiug acnon* wch ai staing transportation asteu.front companies, or armsura) keyoney managers often result in missed deadlines. tigmfuaM financial leases, and mutual smpscxms and sometimes bloody recilminaiiou. I

Endenee of disraptiooserade by hot* traSckrrs adjsst theirtnd respond lo gorcrrrsseni prctsssres ss the best iatirca lor of trendsottnternarorxics pctformaot Coaaiaaarcotscs progress cannot be judged only oe the payor! because, wuke coattntioaalor even mauj mttirgcncias -tbaon drugs" does not lend itself io simple criteria ofatrgcly because the drug trade itself it to decentralised. Indeed, the "essemy" in the drug *aryriad of actors, motivated almost nclusivtly by theof cnornsoes profit, .ho are not dependent on any tophalioited orcQuire infrastructure. While trafficking groups have an organization and infrastructure that can be identified and targeted, they are not inieidependeni. For everythnt it dismantled or for every drug lord arrested, another can Quickly move in to till tha void No or* group playsominant role in Ihe drug trade that its elimination would end drug trafficking.!

Moreover, trafficker* art highly adaptive, since iheir goal is primarily to slay in an eitrtmely pronlablt business Narcotics processing laboratories, trafficking mule* and msltodt. and transit-.iproeni nodes are diverse and decenralizrd. and noest art iidmpcnaabse for the irvjvement of drugs. A* a




Peruc Pishing To CloseAirstrip T

conuribint crToiisio deny drugtomajor airstrip in the ha riHwGigtthai Peruvianbe responsive to US counternarcnilcsikey csKulatc thai political risks arebelieve Lima will sustain Its effort, atan eti toward Ibt need lor USindieaitd il win take similar steps againstin tke

an etTori to boost <ebtcoi withled new count cm ircoiici initiatives, including the deployment of military dtuebments to patrolalrBddlin lbs- HuiHaff Valley and initial steps to control clandestine airstrips]

An important Tiaffitbiin; Hub

ern's motlLintMicr Cha'cs Pena Hcrrera, abo known asortion ot* tbe highway rear ibe town of Campanula lo serveransport tab for his activities inper Hualiaga Valley- Traffick-ers found Campanula especially attractive because of iu central lociim. prcoimiiy lo cocaine laboratories,landing nup, and iclatlvc sacurity from insurgent forces. I-

Ibt Tssi Of WifCtispinilla

The government and the traffickers have been vying for control ol the slmrip since lasiollo-rqf the1 coup. Presidentin




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South AtibkuiuJutoa ih^nm* of OMtM ikiobth Central Aawna, -ii aar.d ovelaedinaiwlr beriming te tuc rtiabliiWd cocaine-trafficking routes to transport hercenS andarketsunci of opcraiioeiom the pan rear. Com* Rio* aaa Panamaheir brn MUvm of (strata probably Irom Colombia. Most of the seiiures -ere Irom drug couriers who wereilograms anrparti en routehe Uniied Suies. The seiiurei suggest South American trelrxken are now using cocaine Uanapon route* thai hate MMd ibetv *tll ia Ihe pan Tor Ihe imnaport of herodn.r-

Ata cocaine processingiti heroin production aid processing unibilllr. theikclr to be delected transiting Central AaatwioB with Incrtaiini frettaency. Heiotnucn higher nreethi Uaaled Stales than coram, aad tba imall itacafhcrcu shipmeoti reunite to cocaine shipasenis will probably make inurdnica efforts more difficult for Cenirat American goveraaneats whoa* counter<urcotiesefforts ire currently (tared morrrdntmg tht larger cocaine lcads.1 I

So rareiin that CotVaenbaaa groups have agsiStaarJ. tatrtued ibcr

rjwie^kow.wa.iw Staua from Sock Americ*

feu*sal Iff]anight .nd number Moe of the kggtjg feggfrom Cosombiaa airlion, Bogota or (roan otbar pcurrf mwhotloatd MOrama, irthotebistgrunse enwt ever ititrCiwallowcr"Cc Umtd StatesoatColombian heroindaleIt kg of hero* airdroppedeach neat liabela, Purclo Rico,




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