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International Narcotics Review




Narcotics Review


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Key measure* tot evaluating Ihc ctTl [liiWWl of ftieaj.ii cgi-iiefctrcoucs

IIKIWH loreitn governmrirwllllngness to irscienscJ antidrug

cooperalion and ihe extent io which antidrug programs force tratflekeri to find rew. more cmiry and more risky. aays to do basinese

Many fwnew ia drag producing ar are now eagagod in cmniemar of variooi US ce other Western aid piocrams is an importantsome of iheir efToru are almoit entirely dependeni on foreign lid-many governments hava come to see the insidious erTect of the drug trade on their own societies, including riling addici copulation* and undermining of keg-tiraate political and economic system Anoelrug ccopersttonnevels. Sceneike Colombia tad Mexico, have ccmrmtieo Hbataniisl resources af their ownew. like Colombia, have taken strong initiatives to prosecuie vigotaus and sustained law enforcement operations lo dismantle or cripple theirtop trafficking organizations.!-

The depthoveiaroent's commitment and extent ofhe on on drags often depends oa the poilocal it trust face, aKkdiag competing demand. !cr resottreei and atteniion to other significant decnewic reoblems Many antidrug programs ajih modest goals, cveo if only in response to foreign suaswn, and limited resalti can be Ihe foundation for more significant progreu later. Once antidrug efforts become more institutionalized and ichievematter he* anal they maycm bo.ld foeofadr. _

a- in irwuaaj rail

Although traffickers are highly adaptive, disrupiing their networks and .orctng them to find new transshipment routes and methods for smuggling drugs or to make new transporiaiion or financing and money-laundering arransemenij caa significantly increase the costs and risks of the trade. Antidrug actions such asransportation assets, closing front companies, or arresting key brokers or money managers often result in

sometimes bloody

ofo Ihe drug trade by how trafrfcken ad]ust their Ciattons anderment reeawres Is the best indicator of trendsoumernaicoiict pcrfofmnBCe Counternarcotics progreti cannot be judged only on the im medals payoff because, unlike crmenllonal wars -or even many"war on drugs" does not lend itself to simple criteria of victory, largely because the drag trade itself ia so decern rati red Indeed, Ihcn the drug waiyriad of nclors. motivated almosl exclusively by ihe piospecis of enormous profit, who me noi dependent on lay sopbitlicatcd or hardto-iCQure i'lrai'iucture Whilen cganttttiyi snd jifrasiiuctuie ihat car be .den tidedat led, ihey are not imerdepcndent. For every orgaai-rntitm that it dismantled or for every drug lord arrested, another can qa Icily move tn to fill Ihe mid No one group playsceiuaaat role injg triJe thatjaaiicn would end dewg trallkkiag.!

Moreover, tuffitiers are highly adaptive, since their goal ia primarily to stay in an extremely profitable busineu Karcotics processing laboratories. irarVking roe set aad rretaods. and trsesstJpancM aodes are diverse aad decentralized, and stone art indispensable for ihr moveeneni of drugs. Ai a



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