Created: 12/4/1992

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KAZAKHSTAN:tal for NPT Ratification

Kazakhstanhare of any profits generated by uraniumdismantled Soviet warheads,ew addition ioof concessions Alma-Ata is seeking tn exchange forto the nuclear Non-Prol deration Treaty (NPT).hadS Congressional delegation lhataccede to the NPT if ihe US provided security guaranteesithare of US aid thai is available forsubsequently decidedelay negotiations on USinstead opted lo link ihcm to discussions of securitythe new US administration.

Comment Although Nazarbayev has the political strength to push accessionhe NPT through ihe legislature, he may wait unit) he hai obtained ihc mosi favorable economic and security concessions. His preconditions foi accession probably are meant to buy lime while heener deal ratherhreat to withdraw from ihc START; NPT framework agreed io last May. ]


Nazarbayev also Warmolitical vuinerapiiity on Kazakh nationalists have already criticized his decision to accept START and the NPT. and ihe Ukrainians have stiffened their terms for START

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