Created: 11/4/1992

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NORTH kOKKA. Raising Ihr Ante ia the Dialog**

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To protest lhe curreniKorean military exercises and the continued planning Tor nexi year's Team Spirit maneuvers, North Korea yesterday announced thai it will boycoil Ihe first sessions of (bur North-South Joint Commissions set for this month. The Foreign Ministry reiterated lhat Team Spirit and lhe US pressure on the nuclear issue threaten progressuclear regime fororeas and warned for the first time ibai IAEA inspections could also be at risk. IAEA oeVials ibis week ared hoc inspections at the Yongbyon nuclear complex."

In addition, the North has rejected the Souths nroposals for reopening Red Cross discussions on family exchanges and for further talksilitary hotline, which they had agreed to scl up by Fiiday.

Pyongyang may weal be toughening its position in pan becauseees ooilungcnincflm nftrrttarinrameduck

administration insaid

that the North was he rat el, slowing the pace because it prefers to deal with Ihe government that will be elected next month. P'yongyang may also hope (hat increasing lhe pressure on Seoul will persuade lhe South Korennsack away from their insistence on tough biUieral nuclear inspections, facilitating an eleventh-hour compromise the North could accept and even giving the Soulh justification for

Team Spirit The only meeting Ihe North so far has not the Joint I

refusedttend is vhat of the Joint Nuclearnext Tuesday, suggesting ii may leave the door open for iusideal. The North's implied threatuspend IAEA inspectionspart of an attempt to encourage a

P'yongyang's harder line may also be useful at home by reinforcing lhe sense of eslcraal threat tbe regime*rwi iu populace to accept economic sacrifices. I

from the leader appruacn may even more important nowj

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