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assist additional shooting victims on Dolley Madison Boulevard. The number of calls immediately following the incident fromwho witnessed Ihe shooting increased dramatically and calltakcrs were faced wilh ihc task of sifting through the information to provide responding officers with the mosi accurate updaie possible. An officer responding io any emergency situation has io rely totally on theprovided by ihe dispatcher,ispatcher can only be as effective as Ihc information the caller provides to ihc calltakcr. Krusynski kepi Ihc first caller on Ihc line for nearly an hour and due to his professionalism Ite was able to calm ihc caller and cMract peniuem information.

What was it like in PSCC fight alter Ihc call tunc in?ch-ios until you canust unil on tNc scene androgressaid PSCC Assistant ShiftSl>*'rv "lav APPROVED TOPF, DATE: 2

Officers Troy Payne and Jack Hardin of (lie McLean District Station were working dayworfc this Monday morning The morning had been quiet and both were preparing their dockets for traffic court0 AM. When U. Hersey sounded ihe beep tones their bodies tenscc and iheir hearts began beating faster. -Startolley MadisonCIA. Justall-we're trying to get further now. Apparently wc got two people shot. They're supposed to be at the maineconds later. Hersey advised. "Units responding, for your information. Apparently we got three more people down on. CIA units on the scene. Thcydo noterpetrator yet. Updaie is weotal of (ite people shot."

Payne and Hardin heard the busy radio traffic as members of their squad radioed response as backup, but their minds were not comprehending what was being said. Their minds were leaping ahead, trying to think of all Ihe possibilities they might find once they arrived on the scene. Where was the shooter? Wasraffic altercation lhat had gone bad? How far away was rescue? Arc there anyOr isoax call from someonearped sense of humor? Both officers had dealt wilh "false calls" frem ihe CIA before, and both did noi really believe the reported shooting until llicy arrived.

Officer Payne was on Ihc scene in less than three minmcs and arrived before rescue personnel. Hardin arrived seconds laici. They loaned the first scene in the left turn lanes ofDolicy Madisonai ihc entrance io ihc CIA and slopped their cruisershe row of the victims' cars. Neither had any idea wheresuspect or suspecis "ere and both Here concerned about 'he possibility of sniper fire from high ground (lullthe area Payne approaclied io check on Ihc victims' conditions, using the cais slopped in both lanes as cover. The victims had been gunned down as theyheir cais Hardin wasby one armed OA police officers who adviseditness


the si toolings was waiting to ihe rear of ;ircniisc"rs.

Payne found Ihrcc victims and radioed ;CC.efinitely Itfve ople on (Ik road with gunshot wounds.

ily lookouthilewo

lims were dead and one was conscious (critically wounded. Payneounded man and as tic looked up he is gratefulec rescue personnel iking llicir way through (lie bumpcr-to-mper in'.he. Hardin stopped traffic on nhbound Do!Icy Madison Boulevard to ow rescue access and to protect (he :ne. Payne kA the victim wiihuickly located the witness. He :cnaincd ( the tone gunman rcspon-

le for the carnage had Ocd the scene.

a result of Payne's witness interview

was ableroadcast anhileeelnches I. wearing dart pantsarkuspect was driving an older model

k car last seen northbound onnd was armedong weapon,hotgun.

A second scene had developed at the in gates of the CIA wltcrc two addi-lal victims trapped in (heir cars as (he iman fired had (led for assistance.

from Fairfax County tmtl 'mf agencies discussing CIA case.

well-trained and dedicated staff at theai nowlurrynd Assistant Shift Supervisor Peteude the required eventookoutprovided to lhe ihingtoii Area Warning Alcn System :ti alerts local federale flash message, whichcocy lookoutll policeIt National Crime Informal Km rerik. was sentafcf the cooperative agrcciftcni tlm ic Itunc our communications

have (Cined control of il* cc Mutual Aid Radio Tor

County's exclusiveaid Kiiby.

As his officers antved, the McLean squad supervisor. Second Lieutenant Dorian Ponce, instructed ihcm to seterimeter. Officers of the Trafficand (he Tactical Team respondedssist with traffic control and remained on Ihe scene for over six hours. Inwith the Virginia Department of Transportation, alternate routes were plotted, Polity Madison Boulevard was dosed in both directions, traffic caught in the area of the perimeter was rerouted and the traffic information signboards on the Beltway were updated. Morning rush hour traffic caught in the web of the police perimeter had to be rerouted. Hardin helped with traffic control atnd Potomac School Road until he left to gooun. Payne canceled traffic court for (he day.

Back in (he communications center, cliannels three and live were split Hcrscy continued to handle the radio traffic for ihe CIA incident on channel three while Public Safety Communications Assistant Nancic Sperling resumed normal traffic for McLean and Reston on channel five. While patching the remaining units to another console Hcrscy experienced problems with his microphone.from Planning Researchwho stafTPSCC around the clock, were available to remedy the problem. Public Safety Communications Assistant Wrcntrcc Kelly assisted Hersey at his console until she and Kirtoy were trans* ferred to staff the command bus. Once the command bus was in position a( (he scene Kirov and Kelly look over radio traffic for the incident and Hcrscy continued to monitor from PSOC. "Everybody in the center did an excellent job. They were coordinated and worked together as asaid Hcrscy.

Payne spoke with the witness until Criminal Investigations Bureauand Crime Scene Section officers responded and then lieosition as perimeter security and remained until the road was finally opened many hours later. In his preliminary investigation report, Payne provided an excellent diagram of lhe crime scene which included the suspect's movements as lie exited his vehicle and shot into the victims" vehicles and then fled northbound on Dollcy Madison Boulevard. The detailed diagram included the positions of seven vehicles, five victims, flic witness, the suspect, and the spciil rounds. The diagram was invaluable to investigators laced with the task of solving the case

(In (lie mo'uing fnllnwing llic incident

Traffic Division officers. Criminal Investigations Eluicau investigators and Virginia Slate Troopers spent three hours canvassing drivers In (lie area and distributing hundreds of wanted posters

What had been the thoughts of the first officers to arrive on tbe scene? "You fight like you'reidormer Marineas just thinking aboutad toUrdm said after Ibe incidentas shocked. You couldn't explain why he did tt.ent to court it was as if nothing had happened, as if everything wasoth said that even now. months later, when stopped in traffic they scan their minors and kave enough room between (heir cars and the cars in front ofn escape route if necessary.


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