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nicholas starr, an intelligence officer on rotation from the directorate of intelligence to the community management staff, is being nominated for the intelligence star in recognition of his courageous conduct during the3 armed attack on central intelligence agency employees.

on3 at0 hours, aidentified by law enforcement authorities as miropened fireemiautoirtatic rifle on ciain their vehicles at theraffic lightleft into the headquarters compound. oner. starr received severe wounds

mr. starr's vehicle was positioned at the head of one of the two left-turn lanes leading fromnto the headquarters compound. the gunman's vehicle was positioned several cars behind. the gunman emerged from his car and proceeded to walk toward the head of the two left-turn lanes, shooting into cars as he progressed. hearing popping sounds, mr. starr turned toward his left to identify their source and was himself shot in the left shoulder. as he threw his car into gear and accelerated against oncoming traffic toward the main gate,i

upon arriving at the main gate, mr. starr attempted to tell security protective officers about the gunraant

wnsn rescue personnel arrived, mr.

quickly evacuated by helicopter to fairfax hospital

mr.fforts to reach the main gate and raise the alert occurred while he was himself still under fire. mr. starr's quick actionangerously volatile situation helped to prevent further bloodshed by hastening the end of the shooting and speeding the dispatch of rescue personnel to the scene.

in addition to security protective officers at the main gate, these events were witnessed in part or in full by others at the site of the shooting on.

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