Created: 1/26/1993

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No. 24

JanuaryhootingStatus Report No, 2

Admiral Studeman Releases Victuiis'Names

Acting DCI Admiral William O. Studeman, speaking over Agency closed circuit

in the incident at theeadquarters entranceyear-old Frank Darling

Lansing Bennett 66

Studeman said Nick Starr,

is in critical conditionirrax Hospitalevere snouiaer ana cnest wouna Mrs. Judith Becker Darling, wife of Frank Darling, who was at the scene, was not wounded but was transported to the hospital, treated and


suffered head and arm wounds and is listed in serious condition at Fairfax nuspuai. /v: ;ixthontractor, has asked that his name not be released.

'This even!reat loss for thedmiral Studeman said. "Our hearts go out Io die victims and their families. It is right that we act with care and concern for our own,m sure you will all offer your condolences in your owne solicit your prayers and thoughts for the dead andemorial is being planned, and details will be releasedater date.

tatement released at. Monday, DCI-Dcsignate R. James Woolsey, Jr. said,m deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred at CIA thisffer my heartfelt sympathy and support to the family members of those who died and those who were wounded. The Agency, itself, is widely undersiood in government to be muchnowense of sorrow and frustration CIA employees must feel,ffer them my support at this terrible moment."

As of yeslerday afternoon Admiral Studeman said the names of survivors had not been released and he requested that this information be kept confidential. He said Fairfax


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