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Arrest Warrant Issued for Suspect Inlayirigs

worldwide search is today underway for the man suspected in the Januarylayings of two OA employees. Yesterday afternoon Fairfax County Police and the Commonwealth of Virginiaapital murder arrest warrantyear-old Pakistani permanent resident alien, Mir Aimalederal warrant for the crime of murderederal officer is expected to be issued today.

Deputy Director, Admiral William O. Studeman, speaking on the Agency cable grid just after the story broke, said that ballistics confirmedeapon seized in the suspect's apartment matches the weapon used in the crime. "The weapon was purchased by the assailant three days before thedmiral Studeman said.

A police spokesman said during an evening news conference yesterday that several leads,issing persons report had led law officials to the suspects Reston apartment

Family members of the slain and injured employees were notified of developments before the story was made public.

While the warrants have been issued, the case is far from dosed. Fairfax County Police and Agency Security still need assistance in bringing the assailant to justice. Again they request your assistance in helping to answer questions stemming from the shooting incident

Security hasiagram of vehicles in the left turning lanes that were present on the morning ofanuary (See diagramased on eyewitness accounts, there were at leastairs of cars in these lanes. Individuals who have come forward, or were directly involved in the incident are identified by the shaded blocks. Unshaded blockscars whose drivers and passengers have not yet been identified; these individuals have not been debriefed by Agency Security or Fairfax County Police.

Even though two weeks have passed, Agency employees are encouraged to step forward if they were in the turn lanes, or were present onuring (continued on p. 2)


Anest Warrant Issued.Jfrom p. J) the time of the incident.

It is possible that sdme of the unidentified vehiclesby people who were not Agency employees, and so itfor any component that scheduled meetings onofo check with guests, visitors, orwho might have been onuring the time of the

Agency Security and Fairfax County Police are alsoin speaking with anyone who in early-to-mid Januaryan individual handing out leaflets from the median strip.if you have any information on this individual, orhe was distributing, please contact

As the investigation continues, ifs gratifying to know that we are receiving the fullest possible cooperation from among our regional law enforcement agenciesincluding Arlington, Fairfax Courtly and Metropolitan police departments. We have also received the strong support and assistance of the FBI in this case. All of these law enforcement agencies are committed to assisting us successfully resolve this crime. Security at Agency facilities will remaineightened state for the foreseeable future. T









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