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Recent opinion potts in Andean countries indicate lhai. while few regardhe moat serious issue their governments face, meet view ii as an important problem. Responses to US IA-sponsored Jurrers in Bolivia. Ecuador. Colornbu. ind Peru tale last year show that the economicegarded ai the wornin all countries exeepi Colombia, where terror am ind violence orenhad-ow eeoivomierugs and drug addiction were fifth on the liit of most fre-Q'Urttly mentioned problems in Bolivia and Colombia, and sixth in Eoaador and Peru in

percent or more of those polled believe (bat drug traffickingveryproblem, although often not listed ai Ibe country'* topajority have heard orreat deal about drag use and trafficking aad believe thaidragi are readily available and usage is eocenes. When asked about specific drug issues. Peruvians and Bolivians responded that coca production was the worst drug problem, while Colombtani and Ecuadorians rated consumption ai tbe primary concern. Large majorities tn all countries considered drug trafficking (HI! percent) andoerceni) to be serious;

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Highest Concerns: Feoeeesie Problems and Tmorisi

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Aircraft Smuggling Coca lot In Leila Ameri

Cocaine irsmckers are increasingly turning lo smalljetgreater range and payloadreplace ibeir propeller-driven aircraft lost to crashes and seizures. According to DEA seizure records, the jets most popular with traffickers are small corporate-style aircraft, including the US Lcarjet, Cessna Citation, and Saberlioer. the Israeli Westwiod. and the French Dassault Falcon. In addition, traflicker-owned commercial air cargo companies have acquired eigbts and three Russian ANJas. and one organization is seeking toccording to DEA.^H

Jeis are attractive because they allowwho might be aware of deieciion and Bwnilceingattempt to confuse radar sorting criteria by moving along traditional intercontinental commercial air corridors. General aviatioo jets also provide traffickers with greater speed, control, and capacity for bulky cash repatriation, and their significant purchase cost can be part of the money-laundering process. On the other band, their use also raises opportunities for intelligence collection tnd tnierdiction by US law enforcement agencies. Becauie the maintenance facilities for jet aircraft are mostly in the United States and because most jets can be flownonger, wider, and better-maintained runways, collection and interdiction assets can be concentrated against key

Peru: Count* rare dies Force* Conduct SiKrmfol Operations |

Aided by lhe US Drug Enforcement Administration, onarch Peruvian Air Force and National Police uniuopbiiticated ether recycling labors lory capable ofcuogranas of finished cocaine daily and destroyed an associated airstrip. The labors lory and the airstriplocated in northeastern Peru near the Colombian and Brazilian borders aod reportedly belonged to well-known Colombian trafficker Evaristo Poms Ardille, who was arrested inearlier in March. Onarch customs official) at the mternational airport in Lima discoveredilograms of high-purityof theof cocaine HQ in Peru ever. Peruvian customs had recently Intensified its review of export products normally only spot checked and uncovered the drugshipment of shirts destined for New Yck.1

The Peruvian border region with Colombia and Brazil has long with drug transport and cocaine production.

I Tbe seizure also <

scores Peru* increasing rote in producing finished cocaine. Thb Is exemplifiedump in exports from the United Staid to Peru of precursor chemicals needed to produceercent1

Colombia: Poppy Crop Knocked Down. Rot

trowing areas


Colombia* year-old aerial eradication effort is limiting opium cultrraiiem in the nrsdUuonaT high density areas, but cultirafiotl is spreading to area* not yet

National Police (CNP) roomnaisnncc flights fDjanuryusdicatt poppybad dropped betweenaderccat In the highestof Holla aod Tolima Depart menu cincc the middle of last year.,

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