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23 November2

NOTE FOR: Dr. Jane E. Holl

Director for European Political

and Security Policy National Security Council

SUBJECT: Wednesday's Deputies Meeting

Attachedirst cut of material for the Deputies Meeting, we are working on the graph you requested, but weays to go. What we came up with shows all too clearly the gap

between need and fulfillment, but doesn't tell you much else!


Affecting Relief Efforts

Needs Graph

Food Needs Graph

Food Deliveries Graph

Flights to TuzlaTuzla Airfield

Northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina

BY |


Fm Multiple




are being diverted or cancelledesult of dally threats. Irregulars continue to launch indiscriminate attacks.

UNHCR is seriouslyroblem that has not improved since the spring. There are shortages of drivers, maintenance personnel, and field officers to carry out local distribution. NGOs and PVOs appear to beifference, but generally their operations are small and they are less able to reach problem areas than is UNHCR.

Weather is rapidlyajor factor, as winter takes hold. Fog has restricted airlift operations for the past few weeks, and fall rains have intermittently blocked secondary roads in southern Bosnia. Snow and freezing temperatures will begin to hinder deliveries in December, peaking in January


Infrastructure Problemsimited number of hard surface roads

available and key bridges destroyed. He view this as less critical, however, because there probably are ways to work around thesenot withstanding.

there is no centralized control among any of the three factions. It is difficult, therefore, to coordinate relief activities.


of goods for distribution isroblem and we do not believe it will be.




Meeting Bosnia and Herzegovina's Food Needs

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