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[Article by Duy Thinh inpril NHAN DAN: lumsy Cooked- UpUBS LUG: .REPORT.TOC: .TABLE; TEXT:

(Article by Duy Thinh inpril NHAN DAN: "A

Clumsy Cooked- UpFOR RELEASE


7 AM

ussian document relating to american prisoners of war recently hasensation among the american public. this document was alledgedly found early this yeararvard university scholar in the institute of archives of the communist party of the soviet union in hoscow and was published in the new yore times onext:

this sensational document was titled: report by deputy chief of the vietnamese peoples' army (vpa1 general staff. lieutenant general iran van quang.eeting of the party central committee political bureau on ishe document can be summed up as follows:

there were as manymerican prisoners of war, mainly pilots but including high-ranking officers and astronauts, being detained in vietnam. american prisoners of war wore divided into three categories, namely progessive. neutral, and reactionary. those classified as progressive were planned to be releasedext:

based on these figures, some american newspapers have jumped to the conclusion that vietnam eight have killed asmerican prisoners ofext:

areful check of this document. it can be said in sure terms that the contents of the document totally do not conform to reality. pirst of all, lt. gen. tran van quang-as addressed according to his present military rank-who is alleged to be the author of the document, did not have the rank of deputy chief of the general staff in the period5 at that time, ho was commander of the fourth military zone and then

commander and political commissar ofattlefield, which was the tri-thien- hue battlefield. during

such fierce war yearse was unable to and had no responsibility for reviewing general issues such as the mia issue. he has never written any document on this issue. moreover, there was no meeting of the political bureau onext:

gen. liar. van quang said that all the reports written by him on his assigned duties during the period15 carried his cover name. bay tien, and that none of the reports bore his real name. tran van quang. he himself read the russian document and found that the wording used in the document was not vietnamese style. moreover, the american pow issue was then under the responsibility of the vpa political general department. in terms of the contents of the document, the figuremerican prisoners of war allegedly held captive is much higher than the official figure obtained by the united states. according to various documents made public by. state and defense departments and confirmed by. senate select committee on pow/wia affairs in its latest report onhen the war ended, theremerican people still missing in indochina whose destiny iaext:

of this number, there wereases in vietnam.

since then, vietnam has. with its cooperative humanitarian efforts.

handed over to the united sates more

? am


Chan bOO sets ot human renams and has cooperated with. Government in investigating overeports on live Americanaases of queetionable dossiers.


After the signing of the Paris agreement

Vietnam has handed over to tbe United States all American prisoners

of wer ceptured in Vietnam. Up to now,

there is no evidence of any American prisoners being

detained or living of their own free will in Vietnam.

Concerning the charge of detaining three American

astronauts, . Defense Department and.

National Aeronautic and Space Agency-NASA-have

affirmed that there were no American astronauts captured in Vietnam.


Meanwhile, the Office Searching for Missing Americans in Vietnam has checked and foundumber of the names of prisoners in the Russian document did not appear in the (office's) list of American prisoners of war in Vietnam. The Russian document is also wrong to say that American prisoners of war were divided into three categories-ptogessive, neutral, and reactionary because the United Sates has acknowledged that Vietnam handed over prisoners in accordance with the time they were captured. This charge even insulted those American prisoners who wereTEXT:

hould be further noted here that Mr. Morris, the nan

who found this document, is not considered an independent scholar by

the American public,erson who

has many political prejudices and whoreat hatred against Vietnam. He is trying to undermine, renzied manner, the normalizationVietnameseEXT:

This truth is as clear as broad daylight. Gen. John Vessey himself a1 so asserted in hispril news conference in Hanoi that after two days in Vietnam he became more skeptical about the authenticity of the Russian document and belived the valuable information provided by Gen. Tren Van Ouang because it was in conformity withEXT:

The correspondents of- newspapers such as THE WASHINGTON POST and THE NEW YORK TIMES, who covered the news conference, have all pointed out that Gen. Vessey said there was no reason for him to disbelieve Vietnam'sEXT:

Mr. it i> rofessor at Rutgers University who specializes in conducting research on British. affairs, said the Russian documentlumsy cooked-up story. There were no events in the document that conform to historicalEXT:

Thus, it Is crystal clear that the Russian document, which had been made public before Gen. John Vessey's trip to Vietnam, was only aimed at undermining the steps

towardVietnam relations as was previously the case with those fabricationshotograph of alleged American prisoners of war and about

Vietnam's sending American prisoners to the Soviet Union. The maliciousness of those orchestrating the theatrical play about the Russian document is that they unreservedly released the document to draw public attention-even if it was later found to be fake.





Prompted by its traditional humanitarian policy.

Vietnam considers the miaenuinely humanitarian iaaue not

to bo linked to any political issues. We

have been and are showing our goodwill by cooperating

with. Government in settling the mia issue in a

humanitarian spirit. It i* necessary tor. side to

make the American people know the truth concerning

the mia issue and to stop all the tricks-such as

spreading fabricated news which outrageously insults

Vietnam-employed by those who are deliberately benefiting from the

agony of marry American families, who

aretick into the wheelehicle in the hope of containing the wholesome trend of the. relations, thus doing harm to the interests of the two peoples, end running counter to the trend toward peace, stability, and development in the region and the world. TEXT:

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