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impact of de gaulle's trip to latin america

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SUBJECT: Impact of De Gaulle's Trip to Latin America

The Latin American public response to De Gaulle's visit has thus far been friendly enough, but his official contacts have produced noresults other than the announcement of Halted Frenoh cultural and technical aid to be provided at some unspecified time in the future. The Latin leaders and peoples have welcomed De Gaulle's visit as an encouragement of theirfor increased international stature andut De Gaulle's emphasis on the "third force" theme apparently has had little

D* Gaulle bad drawn generally large and friendly crowds, although the turnout In Venezuela and Colombia vas about naif that for President Kennedy There and elsewhere the public seemed to be more curious than genuinely In Argentina, the crowd in Buenos Aires was not sufficiently large to overshadow the noise

and disturbance created by Peronlsts seeking to exploit the visit for thslr own purposes. The subsequent Cordoba visit was marked by disorder engendered by Peronlsts who momentarily blocked the passage of tbe visitors' cars. This led to gunfire by police, causing one deathumber of injuries. The demonstration was directed against Argentine President Illla (whose hand was slightlyather than De Gaulle, who was distressed, and considered that the effect of his visit has been marred.

Gaulle's official reception lnalthough outwardly cordial, hasbeen more reserved than he expected. for instance, President Valenciaof his way to emphasise his closethe US, end committed the faux pas ofSpain as Mil as De Gaulle. PerhapsPresident Stroessner ln Paraguay, whoin many compeslnos to augment tbetoday, will make the biggest showing for

De Gaulle.

The Latin executives' response basbeen conditioned largely by the realization that France has little to offer in economic aid or trade. Perhaps some calculate that thoaspect of the visit could have some effect in stimulating continued US support. President Paz of Bolivia, accordingsually reliable source, said that he expected no French economic help but felt that the De Gaulle visit would cause the US to increase its aid. However, the Latin heads generally would probably not give this much weight and certainly have been careful to acknowledge tho importance of their US relations.

Several other types of issues have tempered the official response to De Gaulle. In Venezuela President Leonl expressed hisabout French and other European trading with Cuba but got nowhere. He and other chiefs of state have also made strong pleas for wider markets and better terms of trade for theirln the European Common Market. De Gaulle made no explicit referonce to this subject,ho had given some vague encouragement to Latin aspirations in GATT trade discussions earlier ln tho year. In Chile press reports suggestedhilean objection to upcoming French nuclear tests in the Pacific would be raised, but there

is no Indication that the matter was discussed. In Brazil official discussions may Involve to some extent unresolved Issues concerning lobstercommercial debts to France, and theof French stockholders of nationalized Brazilian enterprises. French press criticism of the Brazilian revolution last April is not expected to affsot De Gaulle's rsceptlon.

6. On the whole. Do Gaulle's visit appears to havs been regarded by most of his hosts as the occasion for conversations as aaiong peers. No great enhancement of France's Influence nor Oe Gaulle's personal grandeur seeas likely to De Gaulle will leave Asuncion for Uruguayctober, and will then visit Brazilonctober, returning to Paris onh.

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