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politicians continue to pose problems for the Peralta The regime, however, seems well informed of the cabals and is ready to take precautionary protective measures.

renewed effort recently tothe activities of the plotters, whose political views range from the right to far left. They will probably move cautiously, however, as long as the government remains alert to opposition plans.

arresteptemberey urban guerrilla leader seems to have thwarted terrorist plans to cause trouble InCity during this week'scelebrations. Some reports indicated that anattempt against Peralta was being planned.

The guerrillas may yet spark some violent disturbances. They reportedly have alternate plans for disruptive activities which they hope mill provoke repressive actions by the government, thus arousing miigovernment sentiment which could be exploited to their own advantage.

Meanwhile, plotting has become prevalent amongofficers and politicianswith their lot under Peralta. There seems to be a

Internationally, theGovernment is preoccupied with its campaign to block London'shas Mexico'*grant eventual independence to British Honduras. The Guatemalan Constituenthas recently reaffirmed Guatemala's claim to Bellco, the local name for the area. In British Honduras, however, inter, est in association withis only negligible.

High-level talks betweenBritish official and theare scheduled in Guatemali later this month on the Bel ice problem. The mutuallyposition of tbe two countrlei however, seems to preclude any significant movement utually satisfactory settlement (SECRET NO FOREIGN DlSSEM)

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