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SUBJECT: Hscnsolon at Lockheed. In attendance: Kelly Johnson. i'i'l fiCons. General Stewart and Colonel Lcdford

purpose of the meeting wax to generally reviewof the OXCART program and the effect on desired readlneeeU thesps?ed

The attached communication from McCone to Kelly Johnson

> .was usedis an agenda for the meeting. - 'y'. .%

"3. Speedohnson stated on orders receivedon Wednesday,7 Lockheed personnel bad The engine* on

had beenfor shipment and loaded, but bad not beeneveral valves and other parts, farere being diverted to Edwards. Tho order received from McMillan called for placing the speed teot on the highest priority, to tx; accompli she d

. in September. It is recognised that this would delay furtheror two to fcrar weeks (probably

.limit testing to flightsuring Septemberand would place two rather than four operational planestate of roacUueenovember.

.Readiness Program. Prior to the "apeed run orders" Itto have3hecked out and tested andtate of ope rational readiness,0 o. m.uban capability (Operation The .wore inlet control, engines with tbe moat up-to-date and both of theae caused what Johnson describedconservativeHe expocted to exceed both the speed - the range mentioned " -'

5. alled for operational readiness oftile ranget. by January IS, Inlet control nd thengine are both critical. est bedariety of ECM developments and for air-borneradar.. "


6. esigned for Macht full range, certain modifications and the introduction of Tacan equipment to facilitate contact for refueling introduces delays in this program and if all modifications are incorporated, then the readiness date oflanes in the operational program will be between May and

In this connection there are II planes in2 program. Three ofre considered test beds, theperational aircraft.

The Range Problem. The Hamilton inlet controligh fuel consumption and elapse time In going through the soundach toach. ith Lockheed control ta somewhat better. However, this problem la not answered and therefore the range is affected. It la expected thatype engine with after burners and with the Lockheed control will improve tho situation but not correct it. (Currently the area between actual performance and wind tunnel test is. ) (Convair engineers are extremely worried over the difference between actual performance and the wind tunnel teats which vary aa much

The specifications callange ofiles. It is hopedill test out atiles. Changes In specifications including the amount of reserve fuel accountum. of the difference. Increased weight of engine, acceleration through the sound barrier and other operational difficulties account. m.

Testing of quadruple range of. m. will be made in the near future with. This plan flew on

Cameras seem to be O. K. However, the effect of high temperatures on the windows ban as yet not been tested.

Most specific with respect to attempting speed tests, the following observations were made:

a considered the engine test bed andequippeduitable engine for testing purposeso 4during this period with substitute engines would contribute little.

s used to test controls and two to threedelay is expected in receiving equipment to replace that whichcannibalised.

c. aa ready to Oy on

13. In summary the test program called for the flyingest beds from Augustntil November 1. The speed test program would) from the teat progr untilh at the car lest.

It waa planned toperationalndp to operationaline as during October and to check them out thoroughly to meet the November 5th deadline. The speed test program would reduce thisirplanes and since they would be flown extensively on simulated missions and to gain experience, fear was expressed that one or both of them might encounter mechanical difficulties, thus removing the entire capability. the decreased testing program might not bring forth all of the bugs and problems early enough to insure accomplishment of necessary modifications and retrofits to operational planes. Hence, It was Kelly Johnson's opinion that the speed test program would delay the operational readiness by atonth.

McCone agrees with thle,uestion and am deeply concerned over the possibility of attaining the operational readiness by November L Certainly this cannot be done unless:

be instructed to place theof2 on the highest priority and that no onemust understand this and SAC, who are now becoming moretheirrogram must recognise this priority.

CIA and the operational

recognise that we seek in Project SKYLARK an operaBonaTTea^finesB against Cuba and therefore we must be cmstrained to introduce only such modifications. ECM equipment and other gadgets as are required for this mission. (This should include the Bird Watcher. )

The .pilot training program would be upset by the speed tests, but this deficiency could probably be overcome.

The time when the speed test could be conducted was discussed and it became apparent that the whole idea waa premature. F-LZ's at Edwards had not been brought up-to-date with modifications and betterments indicated as necessary to meetach condition because emphasis had been placed on armament, missile adaption, etc.

Hence these pi* nee were behindll's. What ia involved la taking the most deficient plans and poshing tham aheadrash baala. This Kelly Johnson feels unwise, although be noted that aome but not all modifications had been made on all planes caring the recent weeks when the planes had been grounded.

18. In conclusion the following summarises the answers to the question* in my communication to Mr. Johnson:

a. Johnson feelsperational vehicles will be Beadyovember to operate against Cuba atacht. McCone haa reservations sod believe* this can only be accomplished on the conditions outlined above.

feels the feasibilitypeed run with thequestionable and recommends againat it for the reasons mentioned.

inbrsoceptor aircraft at Edwards had beenarmament and not on speed. The program la going satisfactorily but

is not foundationpeed teat.

expressed concern over the Airprogram. He said Lockheed was scheduledonth and funding waa auch that they were requiredcomponents and parte from theirew at aproduced gaps of several months ln the subcontractorsJohnson further statedarge nujnbcr of Air Forcecoming in for orientation and undoubtedly would assume supervision.

The Wet bed-program was reviewed briefly and will be the subjecteport.

With respect to tbe Lockheed organisation, Johnson claims he has the "basesaa of the impression that the organisation la overloaded and believe it moat Important to get2 fully checked out and off of bra mind so aa to turn Mm loose to work on thend the


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