Created: 8/4/1964

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1. The Director, accompanied by Mr. Emmett EcholsWarner, met with Senator Russell forirector first discussedroposed new building forfacilities. n: through this briefly'indieatingur two facilities in athe headquarter* Ofm. He-advised the Senatox.that total costout that this-amount remained .

-trom the-dri-inilfor theDirector stated'that it was our view that the fundi were still available and thht'the originalas sufficiently broad tohe

' Director- pointed out that this had, however, been discussed-withinson's Subcommittee and Mr. Mahon's Subcommittee for. the Agency *'.

this fully with the .Subcommittee.thought vve3iad>f {illy the placement of ourTfurids"and indie-*

.^dSO gotI am sure, the Senatof^was' '

which" .rii'c.

* andchhC they had approved our joing ahead with this. The. Senator queried^

discussedthe placement of our funds' and indicated hentp itI am sure.the Senator, was rown and Assfscant SecretaryS. Warnerpresent__as*oSsefvsri.

^J ed that understooda.ho

Was joini toour budjet rather than sending us th.-

usual lettercoed toa singlerom both the Senate aad che Kaot. The Senator laid that Mnfaoa: talked with him but ho would be hap.jymeet with rim on thi*.

3. Th"n dUcussed our retirement bill. He touched or. thef our people andd to have more adequateor those whoactivities. The Senr-.tor scatschat hi wa* fully: lo cur concern on the bill, rfe seated that he hai net had the time en Ion;nd tha: when he had first read it he felt ih-srL- woreVrviUTtf* whtcn needei adjustment. The Directory hadM extensivend attemptedlyhMn upbill, aturt by normal standards,his vasill. K* seatedi* view if Mr. are to remain the Director he would have no hesitancy bjte tb-htor.ing should be present for future Directors. Thu Director stated crv-c, ot course, we would he happy tonto aay adjustment* and undoubtedly some could behe Senator seated Shat he was aciriiv, the end of his Committee business and he really had only two* fvin lining an* they were the ROTC bill and the CIAbill, [to Mated ho would like te read it ajsin alone and postquestions to us. He mentioned cha: Mr. Brarwell has done some work or. this. Mr. Warner Jtuted he has discussed the bill with Brarwell hut hasore! Darden on it. The Senator eazvustad that Mr.a swellfer him all of the mat'irial we hav- and pOSBLhly answer questions. The Senator indicated he would cry to jjet to thi. la the vecv near future. Th- Senator did say that there was one significant difference between the Agency bill and the Foreign Service. <Ic is assumed and the Director agrees that the poinc referred to by Ruuaall isabsence of statutory limitations in the ability of the Director toarttclpantl whereas at Wast in the Toreisn Service these appcjiPCreonte are in toghe President with coaoTirtaatton by the SruiCe. Thiss supported b> the fact that at one point Russell ventured his view that there are too many Foreign Service Officers in any event.}

*. Action to be take..; (a) Mr. Warner to check with Billthe printing pluat buildinA and the original authorization; fo) jet wordthat Ruasoll would be ^appy to meet withn che Agency(c| Ecnoi*Arnef'to meet with Brarwell at the earlieston che retirement


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