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intelligence has pointedontinuing increase in the capabilities of the Viet Cong, the North Vietnamese, the Soviets, and the Chinese Conmunists for action in Vietnam.

We continue to accumulate reports and evidence of re-training, re-grouping, and re-arming of the Viet Cong main force units, pointingrobable new offensive whvn the rainy season starts this month.

gradual increase in Viet Cong activitynoted over the past few days.

extensive arms cache discovered lastKiea Hoa Province, southeast of Saigondelta, provided fresh evidence of aprograa to modernize Viet Congincrease firepower. The cache hadas Chinese Communist flame throwersforillimeter pack howitzers.






pilots previously were last noted at Phuc Yen in late torch, shortly after the first group of Vietnamese pilots to be trained in North Vietnam were thought to have completed their training.

B. Accordingecent report from an unt-csted source, Vietnamese pilots, radio operators, and radar specialists were being trained in Poland prior to last November.

C* We know from Laotian pilots who have been in

the Soviet Union that large groups of Vietnamese had been trained in the Soviet Union for several year3 prior to the Tonkin Gulf incidents last August, when many of the trainees were called hoae.

D. Tbe training of this many pilots and other specialists for aviation duties suggests that there must also he plana to xake more combat aircraft available to the North Vietnamese. Our latest reconnaissance shows that theyotalll based at Fhuc tea.

IV. Recent photographic analysis indicates that the north Vietnamese are engaged ln construction at several other airfieldsprobably to use then as recovery or dispersal bases. Kew revetoents, with exhaust vent slits indicating that they are seant for Jetsare under construction at four airfields.

A. At least SO revetnonto are being built at Phuc Yen,lspsral area some four miles from tha main runway. axi-way is being built to connect the revetments with the baBe.


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the Haiphong Cat Bi airfield, eightare being built.

mall airfield about ho milesHanoi, two nev revetmentsewbeing built, end several olderthe short sod runway are being improved.

Vinh, in the southern part of the country,

ew revetments are completed or under construction.

Vinh nor Kep is considered capable ofjet fighter operations, but theythe combat tine of fighter missionsby affording additional disperalbases.

Our latest photography shows that the surface-to-air missile siteiles from Saigon is virtually complete, but still had no equipnent in evidence at that time.




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C. The restrictions appear consistent vith priority movement of military equipment across China to North Vietnam,esire to shield these movements from viev. peculation is that this could reflect the expected movement of Soviet surface-to-air missile equipment across China. Ihere is as yet no evidence of any Chinese troop movements.

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B. There ia also evidence tbat tbe Soviets, to ensure prompt ani reliable communications with shipping in the area of Vietnam, have reystem they used once before in Cuban waters at the time of2 missile crisis. Apparently one specific ship is designatedcommunications duty't-bour watch, and all other shipping in the area Is to saintaIn contact. If any ship then loae3 communication with stations in the USSR, messages will be relayed by the duty ship.


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