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CCosm Bolivia

. faactlon of Hinlng Interests to

&nrrlentoainl-tlo Mining Invoatrtorrt Atsosphore/fcreiotonc* of Prlvato UBo Iri courage Activities of Canlto!

Dec 6*


t ii noted re provallo concerning tho prospects of tho oorrlfDtoo devolution. Tho feeling io that the nev military governnent contain* able and patriotic root ofhave hod cloae oocttort vlth US outboriUe* either ln Bolivia,or the W. The iioot Questionable oloaont lo General Reno Barrier too hm*olf,

Sho political tradition of the "Ina andontinue* eineopoliticians have nov returned to Bolivia. Biece indlvldualeand ore ver/ povnrfor the aost port ontl-

cwuniotl^ and would like to oaoperete with tho LC, probably with tho hope of recelYlna vS AID. Juan tecMn Oc^codo's crmp, FrUti, lo otiU irrtoct oltfcouflh the orry controlled their activities effectively durine tho day* prococUns "revolution ofa the Barriento* BAiicuver lo popularly fctfevn.

It lo hoped that US rraertllofi will not he withheld too loon; since the AU>boo been -upended as wll, pending political clarification. RceevjAltlon of the Junta vill renove the opinion held by nost Boliviano thot the dictatorial to Pot.erved IDon Uicufih using totalitarian mthoaa, vhilo the Junta which preoently ha* substantial popular support does net qualify. Koot of the? political croupe ore without financial funda and tho national tovoluticoory Hovtrseotla badly Split into foeticmo. Under theseeell anount of eoraounict influence and financing couldreat deal towards controlling any poet-Junta novcrresent.

labor coaditloho have Improved olirhtly and, while they ore rot excellent in tho private *Jnca, workable orrorccscrtto can be node. Generally cpoekins, labor condition* on tho northern Altlpiano (la lui to ihc bonier) are poor; south of Oruro (except near Cetarl) they ara fair; ln tho extras aouth and in tho areas east of the Cordillera, thoy ore fairly cood.

She preeent citato in Bolivia la believed anti-ccocwietic ond the Great Majority of the population hoaelly full of averunion* run or controlled by tho Co/snunisto. While th* politico! fulore la unpredicteMa, there is no reason for Klning elenento are



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Approved for ffccaso

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aolio* invoctncrvtleccr tin operation In the

Dyuro* She pro*cntntiowy prleo had royjiLCillurryhave been run


heUcalo, Placer tin ccarUhllitlcaiiTinn-Srai-liftr- border near' Rondcoio, Brctll, nre very ftoodL

wrkjjys for Coal tol* ini inor en


Ho US eoaoultanta have entered the picture oinee the Iftrrieiitos tew. to operate Conlbol Ito lateat cost* for fine tindroapoctliuj for Cctolbol under It* vorkinj Crown contain* tuny competent gnolo^lit*. nrratort end geologlctaor private corpejilof frovn on the we of thetoxpoy^ro* coney to develop nev otlne* for CrxUhol and itho fccnomi feel Ina that trdo *upport noncy ecuM be rpent core effectively through private corjwrotlona vto are involved In roll via.


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