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O^tilr.e* little Jntor-ftnd ItC tin industry.

iTscrc hoaho last ac-vcrAl

ne particularly In the year olncovisit. Although Ica^rre in tho Ifelaytlan tin Industry arc in considerable nwihcr of Chides* origin, their once carefully Nurtured ties witheen alnoct co^lc&vly obarhloce*. isc, in rzy opinion,

^ntV lrtcroaaed perccfjal idcntiricat'cn *ith tfolayslo; (b) education efforts by tho Coverrficnt of jaiaytiaa Ifelaya andf nearly JO percent pernendyenrcr

oncer; And (e) the attitude uf tho ^AlayMoa Covcrrr^nt Jn accepting*

without apparent rectraifct, tho irrpcrtont and* role of ethnic Chinese in wealth accurxilatlon ond the control of Industry, the latter vlth Jndcncalo, fop exarr^e, with lta punltlw vacvrorc Cnlrtoce,

ound th* first reason above to cajat inisc.

dhave virtually obarrionod their visits to Cor^sunlstl their retUtto^rec own to close relatives there. In cur covcrsatlons there vera nany taore references to "ny rpi-crnr^nt,'* *qtfcjecy In ehhe It succeeding to oa olnest staxtlinj decree ination outeveralty of peopled ond tribe* and cuH^rcj. This lo, of eource, Oje ln exeat jort to tho prosperity evident on cvary band; and cood rivxtcerxnt of the nations! assets. In education,rjrilc. Oneulthe cryino-un of try eourcco vlth rojjirJ to doveioiwerto In Co-jvrtict Cftir/>-

ac able, noverthflooe^ to conflrR tho reported existencein>tlate facility in Chanj-hnl, Thl* ruct be reosor^ably new.ouroej iMt there cmet bo Inereaaed do-ritlc conaunption,

t< ound oieo etirrtcthcrUtiT for ey earlier viev that tAe Chinese am uithMlulnc nertt of their tin production frou the USSft, for politico! rcoaona. an cite ao epeclflc rcaaeno for tnlo floater

aaeumncc on tw ntun.


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of ny acurea* op^ontlv Ve)love that tlio Chlc*vtf ore'ViVo' In eencart vithucv- ^aitvinnumber of vy contactc believe tr.urcntin the recent

overthrow Of Par Zttcndcora lr. Dc-llvfc.. TVn inportontl 0/

Industry oplnFE?ot the rovintc triatf to strangle MMa/cit,

in cy evirainc cruat suan'-Uiaa of tin on too world turret ond thuo drivingrice cr the Incipient nation'*in* ot thle haa railed oo ciccJlerly,'

they arc ette*ptlnc taoethlnc Triey ere, in

effect, buyingneil the flurplub nolc froo the v$

otccirpllc, ond froo oddltlonol cnircce. In ar* attest to price Important

L8 lrtOuatrlol ueurt out of the mvrkct and Into tho uco of oubvvttutoo* Thle would eventually iota toaloyeio and Bolivia, ovjonco Mt yet roafiy to accent thiehlnX it not tooa possibility to Ignore*

lit thleote that ond Icchln hao been noccd by ncv Bolivian Prcntdent frarrlontoa to bead hie governnent'e tin oonepoly* COCEOt. Thla ony to vhc IcThin who formerly wo& Vice ympident but it eceos acre llXelya euoin Juice vbo le on avowed,Coununiet* Thie ruatink to Soviet

involvement In th

I lcorntd on rpcA authority that the condtryction of fxrtenoela'a tin editor, at rluntofc ta proceeding oor* or lcoo on ochedulc* live invited retrtlclpanto froa The jtothorlonde hove arrived and are very buoy. Contract* for equiT^ent have Ixcn let oad ore big dredgeto be floated out fx on the LK next year. Othvr dredeo* already are en route. Tho *ntroaren*ttre cloia atoadfnatly Wat they vill have thedredge In operation, en schedule, byut ny eeureea or lieve it will ronulre until

Ttrt Indomeeiona are not coinn any exploration for tin. Jtor do they reed to. Ifcey hava trewndeue unejcploited or barely exploitednown for year*. ree>jee froa then lo the bnolc cnuao or the current cvtrlouo vorld ahortaae of tin.

9* It la ey perccnolj "educated" opinion that there lo no deal between lodonodia and thofee tinic* orn of credit* advanced for Indue trio li tat ion. * the opinion that trio sbtth logical ond nooelUe with regard to credit* for nUitary aupnllo*. tnow of no creciric Indoncclor *hlpoent5 of this cccttodlty tor ItcuJh ooleo kould explain the euirenl dcofth of tinron that country, it la evident that the recently declared Indcncclon enbnrgo on ehlprnfata to the USoke. Such vole* in the loot year er two nave been ne-llcible,

10* The principal #ff*ct of Ino'oneeio'a ahlpplnc ita tin concentrate* to Tito pcthcrUade for oteltlas lnatead of to Malaya.inancial loe* to both the toTOChicer* (and lAdonecla'e foreignnd the miaynn eneltlnc intercata- Cbvicrjaly tndonaaln la vlUlnc to eypend thi* differenceool Is It* political nttcupt to uncernine Ito antaconiat inat ConfrcnUtlon.

U. Tbo construction of the1 onelter ot Pul^ot (EPitjiet) la pro* cceding en acfcoculF*

12. aa able to certain the roUowfrd; confidential fl^jrcoMrect cjrport of Kalayan pl^cvd tin to tho Soviet Bloc. It io ioportent to note, in thi* eonaectloa, that thetin tnduvtry la eery nueh oppoied tc* aoch oale*.r,o not Xnow froa day to day who are the cllente of tha eony buyere In the rcnon;rafer* Itnpctalblo to Xlnit the oalea ahortr* rone at


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