Created: 11/27/1964

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Politicking lo anticipation of elections at some future date is now in full swing in Bolivia. Junta President Barrientos bin-self, despite his publiconovember ofambitions, is actingandidate. He continues to stump the countrysideup popular support, and he is making efforts to create his own political organization.

Tbere Is speculation that Barrlentos will resign from the junta Just before the elections and run for president with the support of tbe Bolivian Palange (FSB) and several minor rightist parties. He is also rumored seeking an alliance with the left.

Meanwhile other groups are busy trying to make alliances. Nothing firm has emerged from

these discussions, but the smaller parties ara lining up either withice President Juan Lechtn's National Leftist Revolutionary Party (PRIN) on the left, or with the FSB on tbe right.

Former president Hernan Slles Zuazo seeshird group will emerge. This one would be based primarily on the remnants of the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement hich ruledforears before Paz Estenssoro's overthrow. Sties is currently attempting toand reorganize the MNR as


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