Created: 11/20/1964

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bolivian junta moves to win public support

members of the bolivian junta were busy this weekorder to their chaoticand junta president general rene barrlentos traveled outside la paz in search ofsupport.

as part of thla effort to win public favor, tbo junta has abolished the "oppressive" oeas-

ures and organizations of the paz regime. the atata of siege and press censorahip have been lifted, and tha aacret police organization haa been abolished.

ublic speeches, barrientos has stressed that politicalhave an "unusual climate of freedom" in which to operate, but warned that any group which attempts to provoko disorder will be dealt with severely.

political leaders, hard at work to strengthen and expand their organizations, have talked much of partyand national fronts. representatives of tbe relatively strong center-right bolivianfalange (fsb) and of tbe small social democratic (psd) and bolivian democratic action (adb) parties have begunaimed at formationhristian democratic party in which they hope to include tho social christian part'

lochin and tho communists appear to bavo tbo jump on other parties as tboy all vie forof peasant and laborin and around la paz that were foraorly uodor tbo control of paz estenssoro.

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