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new allltary junta, headed by General Rene Barrientos, is managing to maintain ahold on the reins ofby avoiding any actions which might drive certain politicaland powerful interest groups into open opposition. Tbe jurta's lack of qualified administrators is causing considerable confusion In tbe government's affairs.

Communist and pro-Communist supporters of former viceJuan Lechin are naklog gains among urban labor aod peasant that were formerly controlled by Paz Estenssoro and the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (HNR). In La Paz,workers, street vendors, factory workers, municipaland flour mill unions have fallen under the domination of the Communists and Lechinists. The loyalties of tbe largeworkers'federation and teachers1 federation are presently divided. Inewfederation has been formed by Lechinist elomontg to absorh those peasants who used to be controlled by HNR.

Student organizations, heavily Infiltrated by Communists and Lechinists, seized control ofstations ln La Paz and Cocba-bamba last week, kpparently with the sanction of military

The junta's strategy,has been outlined byof Economy Julio Sanjines Con ia. Ho says tbe regimeognlzes Its weakness, but that it is doing all it can to buy timeit is militarily strong enougn to prevail to any armed conflict which might develop. argeIn tbe size of tbe military is tbe cornerstone of this policy.

For tactical reasons,parties, tbe students, miners and labor groups continue to claim they support the Junta. They too. howeverfi are buying time In order to orgaoize, strengthen theirand develop their strategy

The primary objective of the Communist Party (PCB) Is toand workommon front

with Lecbln's National LeftistParty (PRIN). By the PCB poses do immediate threat to tho junta. An alliance between tbe PCB and PRIN, however, wouldoncentration of manpower and weaponry which could seriously challenge the military for control of tbe government.

The Junta so far bee not beeo recognized as tbe government of Bolivia by aoy couotry. Venezuela and Costa Rica broke diplomatic relations with Bolivia laat week, while most Latin Americanareait-and-see attitude. Toe Latino ere primarily concerned about the stability of tbe Juote, the -a-

neuvorlngs of extreme leftist elements,and the Junta'e plans for returning the couotry to civilian rulo. Junta members talk of holdlog elections in six monthsoar. afaaaaaaf


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