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military leaders who overthrew Preeident Paz Estens-soroovember have not yetovernment although radiobroadcastsilitary junta. Alfredo Ovando Caodia, the commander in chief of thearmed forces, supposedly heads the "Junta." General Hugo Suarez Guzman, tbe commanding general of the army, has that be willember of tbe junta, but hia status is unclear.

Vice President Barrientos, the key figure in the ouster of Paz, was scheduled to confer with Ovandoovember regarding the form of government to be es-tabli

The military revolt was triggered by the mutinyor-

tion of the Ingavlecurity detachment of the army general staff, lo La Paz on tbe morningovember. Both Ovando and Suarez were held briefly by tbe mutineers. It Is unclear whether Barrientos was directly connected with tbe La Pazo claims be had nothing to do with it. be announced bisof the rebelo. Otherunits,most oppositionparties, and tbe miners joined the rebellion ao tbe day Paz resigned on 4when it became evidentivil war would ensue if he attempted to remain in power. He left for Lime, Peru.

Tbe absence of anygovernment, with resultant violence and chaos, provides an opportunity for Communists and other extremist elements to exert tholr influonce in tbe formationew government. Extreme leftist Juan Lecbln,ice president and head of tbe National Leftist Revolutionary Party (PRIN) has already tried to force his participation in tbe junta. He appears to have failed, but bis attitude can be expected tothose who will organize an interim government. Inroads can be controlled only If the new government quickly Imposes strong military rule.

The nation's tin miners, who are under Communist and

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