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5 vith Mr. Plchard Kerris Kali, Acting Director of NICAp. yhough Major Wl litem Kehoe, founder of HI CAP, Is Still listed P3 Director of the organ!cation, ve gather that he Is prescnt-on the prcolsest> Connecticut Avenue,nly infrequently.

3- The aaterial vhich vas given tc us on loan by Mr.representctlve of the type of infoir-ation available atpest end present correspondence fron all over the USto UFO sightings is 'Hie/ have slockvas the case lathere vere no "investigator's"

reports icvredintoly available for the rvmth of Doceabe-r. lilCAP hss active Ccmaittces, scattered throughout the US. Investigetors active vlth these eorrulttees-call-upon the sources of reported UFO sightings to obtain first bend, eye vitnessf the sightings. rintedfe:e$ by the Air Force for KICAP's use, ia utilised during- the interview, end subnltted to MCA? headquarters along vlth the source's eye witness account as told to the investigator. It ves our understanding that copies of theee repoits go directly to varices Air Force bases- Thwe apparentlytrong feeling on the part of MCAPchoo and Hall, that the Air Force tends to downgrade the importance of bVOecause they (the Air Force) does not to have too ttuch aade of the sightings by the US press. We vere told by Kr. Hall that there have beer, instances vhere the Air Force has attempted to intimidate vitnocscs and get then to sign false statements relative to UFO sightings-


*. Theecent UFO sighting of considerable iflUrost to 1IICAP was the series of pick-ups of UFO's en tne ia<bir screes of tht rV.uxcnt Save! Air Station00 on. This incident vaa rtpcrted In the prets assingleFO epproocMng PV.uxcnt atp to Miles par hour. The Airay or so later tlatel In the. press thst the blip vasy faulty rft'iar cqulpv-nt. Actually, according too talXcd with an unidentified person close lo the situation, there vere three acparote eight-

) Tvo UFO's aboutilts apart, southeast of patuxent, approechlngigh rote of speed, disappeared from the terecn;

A single OH) picked upilcs southeast of putuxent, altitude estisated somewhere betveen three thousand endhousand feet, approaching base at estimated ipeed of fii thouiand piles per hour- UFO lost froa screenlias out;

A single UFO eight miles northeast of Pctuxcnt,at high rate of apeed, turn, and flroppet off the screen.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) station atryl*nd, vat ccn arte- to determine If any reportedadio operator redessagcS Const Guard shipvisual objects sif/ited" Inocale at approximately theixe of day. Kail did give us theof one of the radar operators

athief PlnXerton.

5. There vas another UFO alghtlng reported in the area bylnglon post vlthln the last veei oraya. Severalsen watching frorc thef the old Kunitlona BuildingConstitution Avenue vatehod several UTO's on tha horiron traveling at high rates of speed. They have pro-used to fill outighting qwatiw.naire, vhich Ballve are vclcene to tee available.

mwffi'p*'* *ttomta us that she laecurity cleaiance on ;'r- Hall predicated upon biographic Infonvitleoby

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