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Approval to Publish The Penkovskiy Memoirs

as Tab'A it's'precis of the second draft ofMemoirs. The first draft was written in Russian hytho entire SPBBJBJBJBBJffffOfBB

As source material tho tapes of allith I'cnkovskly were reviewed. Other materials and reports submitted by Penkovskiy were also studied. The SR case Officers who worked with Penkovskiy woro consulted to tot an insight into Penkovskiyerson. The first draft of the Memoirs was then translated into English,Penkovskly's style (snd often his exact words) and Russian flavor, Publication of the first draft of the MonoIrs was delayed by objections of tho British Intelligence Service, who wereabout the effect on the case of Greville *ynne, then still la soviet iatprlsonnont.

Wynne's release Sft undertook to find awho could revise the Nonoirsorm wore suitable Nr. Frank Gibnoy agreed to edit and rewrite Th* second draft -of the Menoirs was undertaken In**ith the followinr.

__ .'"

The Memoir* wot* ostensibly smuggled out of the USSR sftorhich date is the last one mentioned by

Penkovskiy In tho Menoirs. <At this time PenkcvsViy already knew

ho was under heavy surveillance, and he purportedly-vsniggledZ^ his Moojolrs *efore his arrest, Vh.ich we believe took place For further comment on the plausibility of smuggling nnd other aspects of the ostensible acquisition of the document injthc West, see Tab ,

t . Clandestine operational details Included in tho story, which Tefor -to the connection between Penkovskiy and the British and American Intelligence services, cove free overt sources. In3 the Soviet Political Literature I'ublishing iiouso in Moscow published the transcript of the Penkovsfciy-vynne trial.




Our translation of this Soviet book not only provides the continuity for the MenolTS, interspersed as it is between the chapters; but it also provides us tha basic information on PcnKovskiy's espionage activities without tho need to include any other specltlitcd edito-riaUilng vkich could be attributed tie CIA. The Wynne Memoirs published in tha London Sunday Telegraph in Septcaber also provide valuable background and authentication material.

should not try to glorify Penkovskiy. ThePankovskiy-tkc-man which thus emerges is not only anbut also one vhlch la interesting and believable

fourth premise is that the placement of theboth serialisation and publishing should be donechannels, taking into account the interest alreadyto CIA by cortaln media. (Seeor details onpublishers, syndicates for serialization, etc.)

Financing. We must early recognize that the financial income from the Penkovskiy Memoirs will be great. This includes income from newspaper syndication, the published book, foreign book rights, possible selection for Book-of-the-Nonth Club, end the very real possibility of an eventual movie or TV program based on the Memoirs. Mr. Gibney believes, and we agree,ubstantial sum should be charged for this material, because of the "If-it-ia-given-fyee, no-one-vill-appreciate-lt" rule. After the normal deduction of the agent's fees, we believe the proceeds should goecognized antl-Ccmmunist organization. Problems relative to the allocation of the income from this book will be discussed the Office of the Legal Counsel and CBODS.

*- Timing. Publication of the Penkovskiy Memoirs has been complicated by the recent demise of Khrushchev. -On the one hand, tha press dally carries new cceraents and revelations about Khrushchev1 downfall. It Is clear that every hack Kremlinolopist or purveyor of revelations will be in the act soon. As much of this horrendous revelation meterial begins to appear, lt operates like an Inexorable Greshaa's Law to debase the currency in general. On the other hand,spionage activities wore directed against the Khrushchev regime. The Chicago Tribune's recent Americanof Wynne's memoirs is good advance billing for our publication. The new Soviet leadership is still disorganized and might notood effort to discredit the Memoirs. Me should take advantage of the news at this propitious moment to syndicate the Memoirsewspaper or magazine as quickly as possible The earliest date we can expect for publication of the book Is March/


Sv ApprovaJ Requested. Publication of the Memoirs was cleared by the Dili withMcGeorgc Bundy e'e recognize that both the domestic and international political scene has been considerably altered Therefore, we cannot assune that Hr. Bundy's eaTly clearance for publication is still valid. However, we do not feel that the content of the Memoirs requires clearances from other U. S. Government agencies, such as State and the Department of Defense. Our early publication would be greatly expedited if we could limit further clearance within the Governmentew clearance fro* Mr. Bundy. Essentially, approve is requested for us to authorise Mr. Gibnoy to enter intofor early syndication and publication of the book with tho appropriate publishers w* have suggested.

David E. Murphy Chief, SR.Division


Deputy Director tor Plans


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