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SOVILT KIOHilitary-Political.n Enckson. (New York: St. Martin's Prc;s. p.

When he submiticd his manuscript for publication, the author o( this book couidow that approaching finli would givenique timeliness. One ot his principal themes Isic and continuing conflict between inc Soviet armed service* and Hie power complex centering on tbe state recunly service. This strung'*developed in tlie r'-ys of Trotshty It reached c'ramalic intensity when Marshalell. Since the second World War the rise and fall of military pcrsonahues has re-calcd discontent in the armedNow tht treason of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Penkuvskir has thrown an embarrassing liRht on the struggle between Ihoe forces Ericksons book pc.-mns intelligence oilieers to study the background and devekie- :nl of (his conflict.

The author, whoeseamh'rliow of St'-olli-nr.Oxfnrd discusses theetween the outbreak ofvolution and thel. This Isistory ofilitarybutiscussion of the Impact on Hi" Soviet armed forces of internal politics. Inicniatiopa) developments, and leading Soviet personalities Two lengthy chapters arc devoted lo the military purgesheir immediate causes, and their complex efTccts on Soviet and world aflairs indeed, the theme or the purges, their origins, and their [fleet on Soviet military policya)orhe bntfc Ailhoucn he cannot lully explain the military holocaust (no one can In the present slate of ourrlCki-ina useful service In summarizing the events, stripping away some c! the more improoablc interpretationsi-nts. and placing Ihe purge in the perspective of Its tunc Thii perspective helps us to understand the developments of the Pe.Kovskiy aflair.


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