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d Allah al-SUltf-Vl'

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to the Ur.itec States

Jbrfihir. 'Acdal-Suvsyyil presented bisto President Johnson oneptember Ha is alsoo the US. areer dip-lcamiourMinister of Agriculture,il is the only ran no- of royal blood ever to have held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairsarch


sonrominent member of theuvsyyil was borna Ar-iya, ir. tho KejC He graduated from the Saudi Institute in Meccaecree fros: Cairo Universityna studiedoctorate in modern IsLeraic history. upon his return to Saudi Arabia, he taught Arabic literatureear in the School for the Preparation of (Student) Missions Aorotd in Meccn. he was appointed to tbe Ministry of Educationut later transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kis first post vss that cf secretary in the Legation in Baghdad. Sent to Cairo5 as firs-of the rogation there, he attendedh session of the Arab League in that city Later transferred to 3eir.it es Charge d'Affaires, he returnee! to Jiddas counselor in the Foreign Ministry. Ke rose to Minister Plenipotentiary arid Acting Foreign Minister

audi Arsbir.'s firat Anbasssdor tone retained

this post UKbil his appointment a3 Sorelgr. Minister in the December IgSO

inisters/ headed by ex-King Sa'ud. I


pointn.ent, and represented his country at the Arab League foreign'in Baghdad, inlea the Saudi delegation, in the

abser.ca'of the Xing, tc the Conference of Son-Alignta Countries in Belgrade in September of the saxa year.

uc: evjr^nt iia, Euvayyil waa notnd Payafl. again took over the gorei-s; Ministry portfolio.I

j inud appointedtJ*e

ranch of the Kojaid spi-aiti adviser to theith the

U.lah el-SU^raX

s; before his dasth. I

"ted. vfts tr.poir.ted Ministeri-iaulturectober IgfeJ

u& elso served on the Le^ei COKiittee. of the Council'of Ministers.

Ke wta appointed Anbass&dor to the 'JS

oor'sis the sister of theso&ssador

to Ksiy, Sh&i'kh "Aod ai-Rahcsn Suleysi. She was educated in Egypt and speaksSniilishrench and soijc Italienil as her native Arabic.

An older son regained tt school in Jidda; parents to the US.

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