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classified Information affecting: the national security ofwithin the meaning of the espionage laws. US Code,. The law prohibits Its transmission or the revelauonorWfanterita In any manner to an unauthorized person, as veil asnZnysaajuier prejudicial to the safety or Interest of the United Slates or forany foreign government to the detriment of the United states.

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Beginning with the next issue, the Vietnam Situation Report will bo published in the lato afternoon, sevenook. This schodule will provide moreand authoritative coverage of events in Vietnam than is possiblo with tho present oarly morning deadline. Moreover, it will fit better with tho normal dally cycle of reporting from Saigon.

The Central Intelligence Bulletin will continue its presont high level of detailed coverage of Vietnam. It will thereforo serve to update tho Viot nam. Situation Report the morning and to prOMOl analysis of any significant reports received during tho night.

The Vietnam Situation Report and Centralonco Bullotln will each independently maintain continuity of reporting overhour period.

Tho next issue of tho Vietnam Situation Report will bo issued this afternoon,arch.

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INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Current Intelligence5


The Situation in Vietnam aa0 EST

South Vietnamese Air Strikes ofarch

Eight Vietnamese Skyraidcr aircraft were scheduled to perform an armed road reconnaissance for targets of opportunity onetween Dong Hoi and Vinh Son at0ST) onarch. Ten to twelve US aircraft were to fly in support of the mission.

All aircraft returned safely to theirNo information is yet available on the results of the strike.


again reflected anticipation of the strike an<

Chinese and North Vietnamese radars tracked the strike aircraft. No Communist air reaction has been reported.

photographic analysisthearch South Vietnamese air strikeVinh Linh radar site, just north of theZone, destroyed seven buildings and damaged

rs two others. Although the radar antenna appears photography, I

It ceased operating sho^TTyarTertTiT^aTfflJ^Began^^

Communist Political Developments

has responded to the latest seriesattacksoreign Ministry note sent onto the cochairmen and all theeneva Agreements as well as otherstates. The note reiterated demands that theits aggressive acts and withdraw from South Chinese and Soviet papers replayed thenote without comment.


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a hard-hitting speech onarch Soviet party leader Brezhnev attacked US "acts ofagainst North Vietnam and asserted that the Soviet Union "is already" assisting the DRV. Brezhnev's ambiguous reference to Soviet citizens expressing their readiness "to take part in" tho DRV's struggle seems primarily intended for propaganda offeet. thia Is first timeoviet leader has even hinted at the possibility of Soviet "volunteers."

Brezhnev reaffirmed the Soviet Union'sin good relations with the US. However, he warned that the USSR would never tolerate anon the legitimate interoats of its friends or allies. In an oblique reaction to recent Chinese chargesoviet sell-out on the Vietnam issue, Brezhnev concluded that "we shall never make theseubjecteal with anyone." Indian diplomats in Moscow wero told that the USSR is "entirely ready" to support negotiations on Vietnam but la leaving the initiative in this matter withIs "not yet" prepared fortep.

Remarks from bloc quarters about tbeuse of "volunteers" In the war in Vietnam are now being echoed by the Viet Cong. 2 March statement. Liberation Front president Nguyen Huu Tho called for foreign help in the form of weapons and other war materials. He also warned that the Front will ask for "troops and youths" from abroad if the US continues to send forces to Southand further "expands" tho war. There is no evidence that an actual decision to accept volunteers has been made, but the statement will furtherworldwide support from leftist groups, some of which have pledged to help the Viot Cong with


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arch trucks crushed

Bloc Military Developments 9.

nut asi (in-

struction projects have been under way since on the outskirts of Hanoi. Hundreds of army and trailers have been hauling sand, gravel, rock, or cement to these sitesaximum around-the-clock effort that ia apparently atrainingcapacity in the Hanoi area. Unusual numbers

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bulldozers and graders have been noted at the sites and hundreds of laborers are workinghour basis.

who walked past one of the sites described it asards with heavy steel girders being assembled in star-shaped and arrow-shaped patterns.

B ICC representative, presumably describing the same activity, saidarge, flat, steel-beam structure was being assembled which lookedfoot-long spokesheel lying flat. Concrete buildings were also underwithin the site-;. | also noted crates with Russian markings on some of the trucks indicating that Soviet equipment or material is probably being used in these projects.

It does not appear from the descriptions given that these sites are surface-to-air missile installations. The measurements and thedetails do not fit any recognizable Soviet or Chinese weapons system. An Intensive search of available aerial photography of this location is now being made. One of the suspect areas was examined inarch aerial photography but no determination could be made as to the nature of the construction. Photography ofarch was cloud covered. Additional photo analysis is under way for other sites.


|the Soviets told

'machinery for shipment of supplies by rail to North Vietnam has now been set up and is S correspondent was also authoritatively informed that "arms and equipment" were on their way to the DRV.

No unusual Communist military moves have been detected in the pastours.

Hanoipecial Party directivearch cautioning local officials againsteconomic activity with unwarranted civil defense precautions. The directive, issued by the Party's Secretariat and sent to at least twoParty Committees in the Northwest, is highly



the enemy. South Vietnamese intelligence reports continue to note large Viet Cong concentrations and to anticipate significant Viet Cong attacks in various areas.

MACV has revised its holdings of Viet Cong regular strongth upward with the acceptance of three new Viet Cong battalions, bringing tho totalbattalions tond total confirmed regular Viet Cong strongth

Accordingouth Vietnamese security service official, the Viet Cong aro drawing froa their forces ln the Mekong Delta to reinforce units in Central Vietnam. otal of eight battalions of Viet Cong regular and provincial forces have moved north from their base areas in the delta region, leaving behind only small numbers to support local guerrilla forces. Six of these battalions have reportedly boon traced during the last two weeks as far north as Binh Tuy Province. There have also been indications that one unit may be as far north

as Phu Yen Province. In addition to the alleged movement of Viet Cong units to Central Vietnam, the CosDunists aro, according to the source, recruiting among the male population in the delta for military servico in Contral Vietnam. Certain political cadres in Phong Dinh Province reportedly have been alerted to move to tho north, but their destination is Proparatlons to expedite the movement of some of these cadres through Cambodia reportedly are underway.

Cambodia-South Vietnam

23. Another border skirmish between Southtroops and Cambodian militia in the south delta area, tho socond in two days, occurred yester-

The*Vietnanieae rorcos, supported by mortar" lire

froa the South Vietnamese side of the border,wounded three Cambodians before An incursion onarch in the same area resulted in five Cambodian casualties, including two killed. An on the spot investigation of thearch incident was made by an ICC team atrequest.


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