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These items not in order of importance but more or less as they occurred to me.

conceivable advantage is there for the USAthis. Not Republican or Democrat, CIA or OSD, but Show me one advantage except internal politics and

I'll buy it.

We are blissfully ignoring or forgetting why this vehicle is presently in existence and the present opinion of some of the "surfacers" that we will never use it for that purpose and should, therefore, "make it easy on ourselves" and surface is just that, opinion, with absolutely no facts to support it.

This leads to the "don't be naive" school of thought which says"who do you think you'rehe Soviets know all about this." Granted they know about it, but we also know damn well they don't know all about it and why, therefore, should we hand it to themilver platter? ook what theid to Soviet air defense.

This leads to the "orderly revelation" as being to our advantage as opposed to the uncontrolled type of incident. ind many of these people, either in love with just the idea of surfacing (which appears to have become an end in itself) or saying it has to be done sometime, why not now. I've been hearing this forearalf. We live with this thing constantly and therefore think every Tom, Dick and Harry certainly must know all about it. This just is not true.


I am constantly amazed and gratified by how little sons people who have reason to be knowledgeable know about this when they are briefed. urther maintain this thing could crack up or land anywhere, and true, we would then have to admit its existonce, but damn it no more than that. Wo know there arc plenty of people who know and are awaro of thisreater or lesser degree and who have said nothing, as long as we don't say anything. This thing can be kept

covered for another twelve months if wo have to. Wo won't like it, but it can be done and were It not for the OX program we would not beosition to have anything to surface anyway. When somebody makes the decision It Is not to be usod, then surface it. Otherwise, any kind of surfacing at this stage of the game will inevitably shoot you out of the water and deny us any opportunity we may have had to use the vehicle. Why should we not give ourselves every opportunity? Put the decision to any one of the geniuses on that basis and watch them back away.

4. The story that this vehicle isesearch or experimental device with no positivo application, yot built of titanium and capable of above M3 would have us laughed right on to- the front page. The combination of speed and titanium says very eloquently for any half-wit who claims any knowledge of aircraft and their building that this is at

hree year project of several hundred million dollars value which has pushed the state of the art at this time to its absolute limit. All thisesearch or experimental basis. Wo would be murdered. If we surface as an LRI (long range interceptor) at this time why all the subterfuge on the part of defense and OSD in terms of appeals to Congress over the past years and right up to this week. This type of surfacing should have taken place the summer Of course, in the summer2 there was no political advantage.

heed should be given to Presidentof early Fall with Mr. McCone when heonscious decision as to the use of thehe would consider surfacing and he would make theisecurity matter which by agreementthe concern of your agency with the President andhow it should be handled. The politics are thenthis building and any approach from here would be Just

that, political;on't think the President would want toecurity matter in the political arena at this time. Furthermore, weubstantial number of tho most influential men in the House and Senate cleared. Why not use them?

and St. Peter himself could stand on water while making the release and it would come out as the CIA follow-on to. On the other hand doing it on an incident or accident basis would enable us to reactiven set of circumstances and we could admit to tho vehicles existence,

of course, have the obvious situation ofJohnson,

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and firmly state it was classified and was to remain so, and any good public relations or information man would tell you it would soon go away since this type of thing really is accepted by the public at large and understood by thoseosition to know considerably more than the average citizen. Give these sametory which in the slightest insults their intelligence and they will gleefully rip you to shreds.

Think I've ranted and raved to you sufficiently on the foregoingon't have to go in to further detail. Hope you can pick some crumb of help from this.

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