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aunched from the Tyuratam Missile

Test' 'ailed

in its mission to soft-land on the moon as the result of the failure of the midcourse-correction engine to shut off on command. s the eighteenth Soviet lunar probe attempt, of which only two are believed to have been completely successful.

as injecteddegree near-earth parking orbit by the standard Soviet lunar anc interplanetary launch vehicle |

The probe was successtully ejected irom parking orbitunar trajed

Thirty-three hours after launch the midcourse correction engine was Ignited. When the engine

off, a^eeeeeeee^kW

causing the probe to fly short of the moon0 nautical miles, and putting it into orbit about the earth.


mmgM Moscow, TASS International Service In^

pace rocket was launched toward tho moon from the Soviet Union today.

Theutomatic station is proceedingrajectory which Is close to the calculated one. Tho flight of the automatic station to the moon for the trajectory selected will continue for about threealf days. The launching was effected by meansultistage rocket. The last stage of the rocket was first put in an Intermediate orbit of an artificial earth satellite, and thon it launched the automatic station, according to the fixod program, onto Its trajectory toward the moon.

Moscow, TASS International Service in

pace rocket was launched ln the Soviet Unionune under tho program for tho study of outer space and planets of the solar system.

The space rocket carries an automatictation,ilograms, which Is provided with measuring and scientific Instrumentation. The launching was carried out by meansultistage rocket. The last stage of the rocket was first put ln an intermediate orbit of an artificial earth satellite, and then it launched, according to tho fixed program, an automatic stationOnto the trajectory toward the moon.

The flight of the automatic station to the moon for the tralectory selected will last about threealf days. The switching-on of the telemetric measuring and scientific instrumentation will be done automatically, In conformity with the flight program, and also on radio command from the earth.

Tracking of the automatictation, determination of its trajectory parameters, and reception on the ground of scientific information will bo effectedpecial measuring complex. The automatictation is movingrajectory which is close to the calculated one.

0 hours Moscow timeune,0 kilometers from tho earth ovor the ground point with the coordinatesegreesinutes East Longitude andegrees S3 minutes North Latitude. All the flight instrumentation of the automatictation Is functioning normally. The coordination and computing center isall the incoming data.

: Moscow. TASS International Service in

[Text) The automatic stationaunched ln the Soviet Unionune, is continuing its flight to the moon. In the four communication periods with the station thus far, information has been received about Its trajectory, the functioning of the onboard systems, and also scientific information.

Radio contact with the station is stable. All systems on board are functioning normally.

0 hours Moscow timoillilometers from the earth above the point on the earth's surface with the coordinatesegreesinutes East Longitudoegreesinutes South Latitude.

Further periods of radio communication with the probe will be according to schedule.

Moscow, TASS International Service in,

CText) The automatictation will passistanceilometers from the moon. orrection maneuverune, an engine was successfully started and operated, but it was not possible to switch it off.esult the flight's trajectory deviated from tho planned course.

Twelve communication sessions were held with tho automatic stationune. In the process of these sessions, on signals from theheck of tho systems of the stations was effected, trajectory measurements were conducted, and telemetrlc Information received.

During this period experiments were made for on Improvement in the workumber of systems of the station. The data received showed that the systems of radio control of the trajectory, radio control, and independent control guarantee normal function of the station, lt was established that the astral orientation systems made it possible to effect all necessary maneuvers of the station. The measurements showed that the flight trajoctory lies within the calculated deviations.

Toward the ond of the day une, during its correction maneuver, theystoms performed normally the orientation, starting, and operation of the engine, but the command foroff the engine was not fulfilled and the station's trajectory deviated from the planned course.

The station will passistanceilometers from the moon.

There has been stable radio communication with the station. The testing of the station's systems as well os scientific experiments are continuing.

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