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SUBJECT: Comparison of the Capabilities, Performance, Counter-measures Systems and Operational Status of2 and SR-71

The purpose of this memorandum is to show the contrast between the capabilities, performance, countermeasures systems, and operational status of2 andircraft.


ingle seat reconnaissance aircrafthigh altitude, high speed covert reconnaissance by the CIAterritory during peacetime.

wo place, high speed, highaircraft designed primarily for militaryreconnaissance of selected targets as part of the(Emergency War Plan).

ully loaded with fuelbs. heavier thanboutthis excess is fuel.

a. 2 is designed to utilize as options, one of three different types of high reaolution

The highest resolution camera provides a

. wide continuous swath of one-foot resolution.

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b. Theimultaneous capability for photography.

is ono-foot resolution but it is in two separated five -mile swath width strips. These five-mile strips may be positioned upiles on either side of the aircraft.

c. The basic reason for the difference in capability of the2esign function. 2 was designed to operate against selected peacetime targets either photographically or electronically. The selected equipment option could and is, therefore, optimized. Theas designed primarily for post-strike reconnaissance with emphasis on multi-sensor collection.

4. Performance:

as repeatedly demonstrated anprofile at Machrulso speed at an altitude upwith an unrefueled range of0 tomiles, dependent upon fuel reserves. Statistically,as of the end ofasortiesatruise speed of0 hours)on operational aircraft. peed has beenfor three hours and fifty minutes; Machor threethirty minutes, interrupted only by the brief in erspersingaerial refuelings. Twenty-four sorties have beenthree or more aerial refuelings. Over arated period during the operational validation testing,operated satisfactorilyf sorties flown. rate compares most favorably with theof USAF high-performance aircraft (such as thea similar operational period.

data concerning thelight experience to dateavailable to us. However, eventually the ranges ofay be comparable, but bocause of grossormally will be able to fly atoeet higher


0 IT- f

Countermeasures System:

e presently equipped with the moatspecially developed electronicsyatems available.

special ECM system designed specifically for theunder development and it is our understanding that theCapability date is approximately one year fromAir Force, however, has an option to install an interimof lesser sophistication before that date.


rogram at the present time has sixMachircraft with complete tanker rendezvoushigh resolution cameras and seven sets ofcountermeasures systems. This proven capabilityavailable since Two contingencypracticed and tested, have been formulated to provideand Southeast Asian reconnaissance contingencyonstant state of readiness is being maintained at

Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, for either or both of these requirements.

USAF Strategic Air Command is estimating thatwill be operationally ready in7 to provide afor Cuban coverage, if required, and Southeastecember period This Offici does notinformation to either question or affirm the validly of

this estimate. Currently, theurposefully isinimum of flying aboveue to some tank sealant problems. However, the program is being geared to get the entire system ready to assume the contingency capabilities noted above.

w sum-

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