Created: 5/13/1967

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Hr. fUUtt Jorden, National Security Council

Television Interview with Prime Minister

Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

- i The following is the verbatim textilmed television interview granted by Prime Minister Leeraveling Mexican television commentator which may be of interest to you:

QUESTION: "Mr. Prime Minister, how do you account for this Jaeling o, civic enterpriseind so prevalent here in Singapore?"

PRIME MINISTER LHE: "Well we started offairly good inheritanc*. The British Isfteasonably efficient ana honest administration, and building on that, we gave theense ofnd identification between then and the achievements which thoir efforts and our plannine were able to bring about. Crucial in all these young countries the new countries, is the ability not to look back at the iaet Once you are In office and the people are where they are and you allow yourself the pleasures of your office and the life that goes with power, then you are unable to command their moral respect and when you exhort them, when you discipline them, people will not accept it and you are in trouble, but if you are able to actroup and ask them to do this,yself am prepared to do it because it is necessary, and they accept the fact that you are doing lt yourself, tbsn they are more likely to join you Inimilar effort."

QUESTION: ee, in other words itense of doin* things jointly. Mr. Prime Minister, do you think that those countries of Southeast Asia willort of regional alliance or some kind of cooperative effort?"



PRIKE MINISTER LEE: uggest. that the only hope really Is just that for Southeast Asia. Thisory special situation and wo must consider not only national boundaries, but also Ideologically and politically in auiking alliances. Here the room for maneuvers andby the bigger powers is enormously large and, hard as it say be at tbe beginning, we've got to make the effort toigger and wider sense of this community of relatively small nations of Southeast Asia."

QUESTION: "What abouthat do you think of that situation?"

PRXHE MINISTER LEE: "Well this is one of the acute problems of the world and If you want to talk about legality, international legality, then of course, the United States will beery difficult position because It hasn't declared war on North Vietnam and yet it has to bomb Northo if you insist on legality, and tbe world believes that legality is all that counts,hink right will not nocessarlly prevail. This ls one of the facts of life, If you leave the local proponents alone, then one side hasterror and power and those that stand for anything dlffersnt won'thance. . Intervention has glvsohancs to) those who do not want South Vietnam to go communist, also this process of communist Infiltration should not bein an aver widening area In Southeast Asia. We would like toolution which guarantees ths ultimate will of the people of South Vietnam to dscide their own future, whether to be part of one Vietnam with the North whether It Is communist or part communist and part non communist, but before you can restore that you must knock out ths ability of the other side to terrorize and pressurize."

QUESTION: "What do you think will happen if American troops evacuate South Vietnam?"

PRIME MINISTER LEE: "Wall If the American troops were to get out tomorrow thorn would be no South Vietnamese Government. What must be done ls eliminate coercion and subversion. South Vietnam must be able to emerge and assess Itself and exercise its own free will."

QUESTION: 'Thank you Mr. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew for your very interesting views on the situation here in Southeast


William E. Colby

* This Interview was shown on Station XEW. Mexico on May 9,

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