Created: 4/22/1967

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Military Takeover in Greece (Situation Report NumberAM EST)

1. Athens remains calm. There havo beenew incidents. Security restrictions against telephone communications, commercial air sorvlcc, and travel within Greece have been rescindod. Most of tho politicians detained during the coup were to bo released last night, but their release has not been reported.

uspecledagents will be arrested;known dan-gorous Communist have been rounded up, and all material at some leftist organizations' offices is being

his address to tho Greek peopleJJLnistor Kolias Justified the coup bythe.matter who"bloodshed and chaos" and that the armycheck tho march toward destruction one stepbrink was reached." Kolias urged national unity

and castigated the "bad demons, deraagogs, unconscientious opportunists, and professional anarchists who sought to divide us."

Kolias promised the countryto "parliamentarismholesome basisconsolidation ofis remarks reflectwith professional politicians which will make

NOTE: This memorandum was produced solely by CIA. It

was prepared by the Office of Current Intelligence and coordinated with the Clandestine Services.





lt difficult for thc coup leaders to return Greece to its former rulers. Thc announced objectives of the newJust distribution of national income, atrengthening the church, achievement of .social justice and hastening of economicthat at least some of the members of the new government regard the coup as moreemporary expedient toommunist takeover.

On Cyprus, Interior Minister Polykarpos Goorkatzis is approbonsivocftwlng doraonstra-tion planned for Nicosia onpril by AKEL (theParty) . Any such demonstrations or incidents instigated by AKEL presumably would bo in protest against the rlghtwing military takeover in Greece. Georkatzis has interceded with AXEL leaders In anto dissuade them from any such action, and states that If they persist in their plans be will use police and military to put down disturbances.

There are no indications that either Turkey or the Turkish Cypriots are attempting to exploit the situation ln Greece.

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