Created: 3/22/1967

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CIA has cooperated with andumber of domestic and international voluntary organizations in tha youth and student field since thes. Assistance was given because the activities of these organizations served to counter the influence and propaganda of communist front groups In tbe youth and student field. Communistactivity was mainly directed at the youth of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and it was felt that in order to effectively present the democratic point of view in these areas it was necessary to work through non-governmental channels.

approved for "


assistance to these pro-Western organizationsat the request of the responsible officers of the Their cooperation with CIA has always beenand no effort was ever made by CIA totheir policy or their domestic activities. they roceivcd from CIA were used only inand only in cases where assistance was necessary

if tho organizations were to be able to counter effectively tho offorts of the international communist front groups.

is considered likely that tbe Ramparts articlepicked up by respected doaestic newspapers, such asYork Tines and the Washington Post, and that there will

bo an extended public controversy over CIA involveoent with private voluntary organizations and foundations. The CIA will probably be accused of improperly interfering in domestic affairs, and of manipulating and endangering innocent young people. The Administration will probably come under attack for permitting this kind of activity. It is probable that the State Department and the White House will bc asked to nake statements about both CIA involvement with private voluntary organizations and about the use of privateas channels for clandestine funds.

following people have been briefed on theby the Ramparts article:

Ambassador Kohler and Ur. Hughes of the State Department

Vice-President Humphrey and members of his staff Mr. Cator and Mr. McPherson of tho White House staff Undersecretary Vance of the Defense Department Senator Fulbrignt

is in consultation with the current officersNational Student Association as to the kind ofshould issue before or after the appearance of At present, it appears to CIA that tho detailof the article will be such that they willartial admission, affirming that they havecontact with the Agency and that they havethey knew to have originated with the Agency. Offinal decision on the National Studentwill be made independently by the

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