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Briefing for ay IS">7

a anelycla of tie Zancevlllo, CMo, UFOv-

The briefing wee given In tho conference rcoo, end InDTi Edward Condon, University of Colorado) Dr. Pebertcr Celornio; Dr. Utlllu HnrtBon, University ofCFnrlce Hoed, I'ntlenol Research Council; Dr. IhonisAir Force,

vus very well received by Pv. Ccndon andndcoat entlnujlsstic. Tlioy vera lanrcecod with the cccpi ol'conducted, which Included ground curvoy

techniques, tcloMlohcd nnd rtvi tnthrottcoldtcchniettea snde Iracce. Dr.hid for the firstcientific nnolyeloFOo Investigation, Dr. Ccndcn end bvjbere ef biodetail during and after tho unolysls

and ve-rc very It.yrcsced with the quality of his work.

airenjenenta were cvde to get

In cctitnct withwc, University of Colorado, co tnnt contractual errnngcncatB could ba rvdo to cany on nMlyclo by

but uiiccr l'litnncins. Air Foreo/univcrelty To start thla

ondHot lie cull Dr. Levo to Initiate the upproc-floto dlGoii alette. Ithis vaa foll'.wcd through later in. This would transfer nr.et of the future analysis to the University of Ctlomdo control, but Dr. Cvndcn Indicated he wished tohannelnto our orgiuiUation. lie was nost eppreciative of Iheficinl rele HPJC hnd played in resisting the development ofhottcrdLV-ctrlc tcch.ilo.uj to cnelyto unocheduled photography.

wee discussion heldncerr.IngefAnerlcon |ubllc In jui tlcipulliw In WO |hotc^rtirhy. ccnelvolnno were drawn, but It yas ou^ieated that It

Might be advisable to review oil tho photo.jruicty iUCAP lioldo,cenduct ihntevjr-ivxitrlc mvaiycca en nnyvo the appror-fl-to nnd neccscary InfbraMlea avnllablc. Vila would rut Dr. Condonosition to coy that iw hid reviewed cid analysed

Prleflrvj for Dt. KrtwardC7

oil the phetosrophy In HICAP JJIcf, nA vis now depending on the Aeorlcrui public to furnlch hin new rhotCrtrAphy. Also discussed vas tho possibility of taxing evii liable to pence offlcera, onoots, airline pilots, and such people, polaroid enrjorea lor instant uoo. |lo conclusions wero arrived ot, but achjo Intcrectl thoughts were tabled. It uns, however, felt by oil thnt roro publicity was needed.

on Ids anslyols of tbe

photography will be forwardedtbo ncor future

for distribution to fr. Hstehford and Dr. Condon.

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