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north vietnam (nvn)

Two US Pilots "CapEured'quano binh Province

May and6

aigon, Vietnam

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Soaw two captured US .pilots who hnd participated in bombings in lequang BINH Provincej nvn, on two separata occcaions, once inthe other time in Although his observations ofreat distance, he described them briefly. Source statedthe political indoctrination_and ideological reformation in hanoi,pilots would be sent totet bac" Forest" and mountain areas and usaigne


us macv

us embassy (csa)




egistry No.0


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li Source sew two US pilots in LE THUY District, QUANG BINH Provinoo, NVN, on two separate occasions. Tha first inoident occurred in6 and the second in


During May, while visiting his grandmother in MY DOC Hamlet, SON THUY Villnee, LE THUY District, Source witnessed the bombings oY the CAM LY publio water and agricultural work areas (approximatebout five kilometers from MY DUO Hamlet, He heardet was shot down by antiaircraft artillery (AAA) andS pilot was oaptured by local SON THUY Village militia immediately after he parachuted safelyocation about two or three kilometers from MY DUC Hamlet (approximate coordinatesd). The pilot was kept temporarily In people's houses in SON THUY Village. Sourco and hamlet residents observed himong distance. The four or five escort personnel woro regular olathea and woro oquipped with rifles. Source did not know whether or not tho pilot wns tied.


At0 or lliOO hoursunday ln mid-July, US jots bombed the CAM LY publio water and agricultural works area (approximate coordinateselonging to LE THUY District,INH Province, NVN. One plane was shot down by AAA firo and the pilot parachutedice flold in XUAN HOA Hamlet (approximate coordinatea, EOA THUY Village. The pilot was Immediately captured by tho farmers end local militia. nlvorslty student spending his vacation in the aroa was asked, to intorprot for the local security offico. According to the Interpreter, the pilotajor. He hadeg Injury when he landed and hodwalking. The pilot was husky, about two meters tall, had shortongigh sharp nose, and wore green clothes and black 3hoes. His arms woro tied and he was ledopo. When tho US pilot was led to XUAN TJIANO Hamlet, the local authorities gave him some food which he did not eat. The authorities there did not hove any oigarettea to give him. Abouteople gathered out of curiosity to look at the OS pilot. Many of the viewers wore children who ran after the pilot shouting "Johnson. JohnsonI Johnsonl". The escort reprimanded the children.

u. The escort group consisted of four local militia equipped with Communist Chinese rifles and stick grenades. One soldier al waysifle aimed at the pilot's back while the other throe carried rifles on their Tho escort jjroup was to load the pilot to tho XUAN HOA Hnmlet ferry landing, HOA THUY VlllaRe. 0 houra,ho would bo transported from LE THUY District, then to DONG HOI, and finally to HANOI. Sourco said that after the politic ol Indoctrination and id ao logical reformation ln HANOI, tho US pilota would be sent to the "VIET BAG" forost and mountain areas and assigned labor Jobs such as operating oqulpment, bulldosers and trucks.

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