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SUBJECT: Rumanian Reaction to the Johnson-Uaurer Meeting oC7

Maurer interpreted bis7 meet lag with President Johnsonery important mooting and one which cODtrlbuted to the enhancement of Rumania's prestige ln tho international sphere. Maurer said that the fact that Prosident Johnson invited him to this meeting will give Rumania's political position on International problems increasod weight, and especially on those problemstho Near East. Preaier Maurer doscrlbed the President as being an intelligent man, well-balancod, and receptive to Ruoanla's political position. He was impressed by the fact that President Johnson listened and showed courteous regard even though Rumaniamall country.

commented that, in general, thohim an opportunity to learn in an Indirectposition of the United States on variousparticularly the Near East, and to aVietnam. Maurer believes that tho Unitodunion i.easonable stand toward tho Nearand that tho United States wlshos to findsolution for peace in that zone of the world.

In connection with the Near East, Mauror reported thatmoasurc of responsibility for theUbltlMSVr? tne conflict ln the Near East rear- with tho Sovieta lesser measure rests withoes

the United States. said that this was an interesting observation to bear froo Mauror. In this same context, Maurer mentioned that Rumania could not rally to Moscow's position on the Near East because the Soviet Union is carrying out an adven-turistlc and dangerous policy it. that 01 f the world andnterferingude manner in nternal affairs of the Arab countries.

manifested his regret thatRumania and tbe United States are developingand said that he told President Johnson that Rumania

rs ICI

to establish good relations but that this will depend henceforth on the United Status government. He went on to say that it is regrettable and unfortunato that relations with tho United States are not better because Rumania could obtain many advantages fromscientific, cultural and political.

to our sourco,|h

the State and Party cadres in Rumania regard the Johnson-Mauror mootingositive, favorable development. Itpark ofay of light, which could help Rumania in ber policy of Independence.

Y (0

econd report,

which states thatriefing paper sent to Party organizations in Rumanian embassies abroad, the Rumanian Communist Party defined the role of Rumania as thatediator between East and Host. Inon the recent meeting botwoen Premier Ion Choorghe Maurer and President Johnson, tho papor implied that the President had given Mauror the mission of mediator between tho United States and China. The papor added that Prosldent Johnson appears to know Rumania's problems in depth and, moreover, appreciates Rumania's desire and ability to actediator. Tho President rocognlzes the fact that Rumania has good relations with tho Fronch government and that Rumania's "game" with China has given Bucharest stature with the Chinese. The briefing paper went on to state that the Rumanian Communist Party was pleased with the manner In which Prosldent Johnson troated Maurer but that the Party leadership would have to novo with care since the Amorlcaos were following thoir actions closely.


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