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Soviet orders for Western built plant and equipment6ecord high of0 million. At least aboutercant of the value of these contracts will be on credit. Most of the equipment ordered6 is scheduled to be deliverednd all the led ustrial equipment and plants ordered should be operational

Automobile production facilities ordered from Plat of Italy and Renault of France account for about one-half of the total value of6 contracte. The Fiat plant, toutomobiles annuallyto bo installed during the. It will be paid for orer the following decade. The Renault facilitieo are also planned, to be In operationO and vill be paid for over roughly the easehe Wat plant.

Contracte for chemical and petrochemical equipaent, in past years the most Important category of Soviet equipment contracts with Western flrma, were valued at0 millionbout the same as tho value of ouch contracts signed

A substantial number of the remaining contracts were for plantsonsumer orientation, ouch as, equipment for the food processing and textile Industries.

French and Italian firms obtained the major portion of the contraote concluded between the USSR and Western companies during

though the UK and Sweden also were successful biddersequipfflent for the food processing, wood processingindustries.

In? Soviet orders of Western equipment amounted to approximatelymillion, at least one-half of which win be financed by Western credit. British firms have become the major Western suppliers; vinning contracts amounting to one-half of the value of all orders planed by the USSR in the Wost. illion contractecond; anto1 production line to the 0SSR makes Franoe the second meet importinfc^faippller of capital equipment In

6 new orders for the purchase of equipment havemainly to the chemical, automotive, and food processing

industries uhich together comprise shout two-thirds of total orders during contrastowever, there are virtually no now orders of equipment Tor tho papor and pulp and textile industries

With regard to futureor Westernhe USSR is still interested in buying additional equipment for the automotive industry and is prcsontlyid

us manufacturing plant. The USSK has alsopurchase of outomotivo production facilitiesGermany),

equipment lor me production of related products such as tires andfor automobile bodies. Soviet officials also continue to

negotiate with Western firms for chemical plants to produce plastics, synthetic fibers, and fertilizers and are considering deals with

Western shipbuilders, mainly for largo fish processing ships.

Other potentially significant negotiations now in the talking stage are: the possible supply of Italian and/or Austrian pipe and equipmentoviet gas pipeline from the USSR to Western Europe and largo deals for Western computers being negotiated with



Crders for Western Machinery ana Equipment Placed by the USSR6

Country Vftjue


Two factories to mar.ufattore magnetic recording tape sad an eculsicn base for photographic paper

Cable plastics0 tons/ year capacity

Pharsacoutiral riant and microbiological research laboratory

Complex fertiliserons/ year capacity

Synthetic glycerine0 tons/ year capacity


Prance Prance


France and




3.8 8

ercent at contractercent during/ percentears of whichears, firstonths sfter itart-up cf plant, at lateatercent at the latest after end cf deliveries.

ear credit. %l

ear credit froa cecalsaloning ofear construction period;

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Orders for Western Machinery and Equipment Placed by the USSR6 (continued)

Country Value

Pood Processing

Three factories for baby food,on/year capacity; one factory for powdered0 litroe/hour


2 zacarcni


Six installations to packagetotal

ercent on signing ofercent during7 if percentears after

signature of contract. Delivery



ear credit;

7 year credit;.


Pood processing



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