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The Government of Vietnam since the beginning7 has distributed more0 permanent land titles to farmers. This activity in combination with othor GVN-aponaored land reform projects is in part calculated to reap immediate short-term political advantages as well as longer range economic benefits. Revolutionarycadre efforts continue to meet with varying degrees of success in several widely scattered parts of the country. Theofersons currently underway in Pleixu Province isompleto. The newly settled areas are, however, already showing signs ofpenetration. Inilot program of free medical service for the needy wae scheduled to being last month and it is hoped to expand it into thoduring July.

Land Reform

officials in Saigon have reportedGovernment o'f Vietnam {GVN) hasermanent land titlesanuarypermanent titles replace temporarycertificates. Issued during the Diem regimebeen issued by the GVN to farmersFrench lands and lands seized permanent land titles haveissued in caaea where full payments for the

land have not yet been made to the government. The title holdera are, however, still liable for the payments due.

recent decrees are concerned withthe land tenure system. ay, clarifies the status and policies ofrelating to lands distributed to people



by the Viet Cong but which since have come under government control. The second forbids eitheror government officials from using themilitary to collect back rents on these lands. In most cases the collection of back rents on tho redistributed lands has been suspended by the government*

problems and inequities whichplague the rural areas include: the violation

of tenant-landlord contracts and terms ofiased or inadequate villageauthority to cope vith land disputes;landlord influence on village affairs; and the problems caused by the Coirecunist landand taxation systems.

basic legislation for theof land This legislation limitedcres per landlord and an additionalwas allotted ftr burial purposes. made in the legislation to provide paymentsfor land expropriated under these laws.

Of thecres seized undercres were redistributed. Much of the remainder of the land is in insecure areas and no actions have been taken concerning this land.

reform projects currentlythe GVN are directed toward theland and rent controls in order to achievepolitical return and somebenefits* By giving the farmer atitle, the government hopes to induceinvest labor and capital in the land in orderproductionmarginal level andagricultural surplus*

of the programs to strengthenis boing tested in the AnArea* In this area* aerial photos areof the entire province and maps of landare being made from them. This methodaccuracy, and security since little work needs


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to be done on the ground. itle produced by this processescription of the landhoto of it, and since the titles arc easilycopies may bo given the owner as well as filed centrally. This program has suffered from technical problems, however, andercent of the aerial coverage done thus far must be reflown.

7. Although accurate statistics on rural affairs are not available, USAID has aade theestimate of tho percentage of farmers by tenure:




Operators with only


Operators with both

owned and rented

Povolutionary Development Cadre Highlights

In an attompt to eliminate corruption found in his area of operations, the leader of an RD team in Chau Doc Province provided provincial authorities information on the illicit activities of the chief of the village in which his team was operating. The village chief had been using the local 'Popular Forces, to terrorize the local reaidents, collect illegal taxes, and unlawfully seize private property.

In an effort to atop the RD team'sof these activities, the village chief had gone so far as to have two of the villagers who had been cooperating with the team killed. Provincial authorities had been reluctant to take any actions against the offenderfaced with evidence of the murders and with the threat of theof the RD teamjailed the village chief on murder charge. The team leader is continuing to investigate the villagers' charges of corruption against colleagues of the villago chief


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who axe still in office. Tha provincecommending the RD team leader for hiswarned him of "danger to his personal security."

Binh Dinh Province onune two

?.Dgraduates of the National Traininginto two hamlets in the southern part of the province where the Communists4 had forced the majority of tho local residents to leave. The arrival of the RD teams was soon followed by the return oformerof the area. In addition, anesidents from noarby hamlets have temporarily resettled in the two hamlets for security and have indicated that they will return to their native residences when RD teams are available to help them reestablish-their haralats.

Elsewhere in this province, an RD team operating in Phu Cat District enlisted the support of the US engineer battalion to blast rock needed toam being constructed under the self-help program. When the US unit first arrived they had to do all tbe work themselves; soon, however, the villagers and RD cadro had taken over the manual labor while the engineers provided only technical guidance. This joint venture reportedly has generated more cordial relations between villagers, RD personnel, and US troops in the area.

In Vinh Binh Province four RD teams have been working in what wore Communist-controlled areas of Ceng Long District sincet the end of May the teams began to discern signs that they had finally begun to overcome the people's apathy and distrust. The teams hav* been able to stimulate the people to commit themselvesariety of programs designed to improve hamlet life and have enrolled large numbers of the children in government schools. In adjacent Tien Can District, RD teamsewly resettledin the early part of the year had

left areas under enemybuildew homes for themsolvos.

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In Phuoc Tuy Province, the Provincial Intelligenceintelligence furnished by an RD team operating in one of the villages-apprehendedembers of that village's chapter of the "Liberation Women's Association." The suspects have been sent to the Provincial Interrogation Center.

In Khanh Hoa Province the RD Controlhaseries of broadcasts from the Nha Trang radio station stressing the importance of RD work in the province and citing examples of the people's participation in RD efforts. This is one of the first reported instancesrovincial control committee taking advantage of the local radio station to promote its RD effort. Similar promotional work needs to be done by Vietnamese officials throughout the country in order to explain the goals and achievement*he RDto the local populace.


Edap Enang highlanderin Pleiku Province which has as itsresettlement ofeopleapproximatelyercent complete, whenis completed,have been moved from the Pleiku-Cambodiaand resettled along Highwayastof the city of Pleiku. The movement ofis the responsibility of the US 4thwith Civil Operations andSupport (CORDS) and the GVM'sfor Refugees (SCR) providing theand resources to assist the montagnards The security of the resettlementbeing maintainedietnamese Rangertwo Regional Force companies, and twoplatoons.


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As of the middle of Juneoff theamlets scheduled forevacuated from theirresidences with the majority of the people electing to relocate in the new areas. Within the resettlement areas construction has been completedew homesre still being built. There are indications, however; of Communist penetration of the resettlement area. On at leaat four occasions in May large numbers of highlanders were cajoled or pressured into abandoning thearea by Communist cadre. One of the prevalent propaganda themes of the Communists is to circulate among the highlanders rumors that the US forces do not have enough rice to feed them and that all us forces will soon be leaving Pleiku Province.

In Phu Yen Province work has begun onelf-help homes for refugees. The SCR has announced that it willecond resettlement allowance to previously resettled refugees who are constructing new homes forand, in addition, the SCR will provide these people with seed and farm land. The progress made so far7 in the Phu Yen refugee program is encouraging;6 provincial activities were categorized by US advisors as "stagnant."

"New Life Development^ Activities

Vietnamese Mutual Assistancea voluntary organization, in cooperationMinistry of Social Welfare is making plansfree medical check-ups and treatment to the

needy. ivilian andhysicians have volunteered to participate, and '; pharmaceutical companies in Saigon have agreedontribute drugs valued athe program was scheduled to begin in Saigon atnd of June and expand into the provinces during 'July. Needy persons seeking medical assistance under this new program have to contact theirsocial welfare center to obtain examination tickets.


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