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SUBJECT: Preliminary Assessment ofnd

7 BLACK SHIELD Photography

Two BLACK SHIELD missions flown aboutours apart onnduly obtained cioudrhotograghy of aboutercent of North Vietnam, including most of the high priority surface-to-surface missile search areas, much of the North Vietnamese air defense system, and many US strike and interdiction target areas. No evidence of surface-to-surfacedeployment was detected.

Note: This memorandum was prepared by theof Intelligence with the assistance of the Directorate of Science and Technology.

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W.jJti^.gbfcaineiaboutercent of North Vietnam, includingDRV. down to the DMZ and the Weather conditions were excellentew scattered areas. MifiPJpn fi71flJuly .covered,_the DMZ and the area to theHanoi-Haiphong area, and parts of the Light to heavy haze and cloud coverexploitation of thoulyexpecially in the Sino-DRV border area.

ission over South China onuly pro-videoaome coverage of the border, however.)

No..surface-to-surface missileobtained by either BLACK SHIELD The two missions covered roost of the high priority MRBM search areas west and north of Hanoi and the tactical and coastal defense missile search areas in the southern and central DRV.

North Vietnamese air defenses: The mission ofulyf the almost 2D0 usable surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites, including four new sites in the Yen Bai area. Ofites which could be read out,ere occupiedew ones),ere unoccupied, and one near Yen Bai has beer, returned to The mission ofuly coveredAM sites, including two new ones (one occupied) in the Haiphong area. Five sites were occupied,noccupied, and the occupancy ofould not be determined.

TJie_JLev.elAM._sita..occupancy_fallB. slightly bciuw uur estimate that the North Vietnamese have betweenndAM firing battalions, but wetell how many units may have been shiftingat the time of the photography. Previous BLACK SHIELD missions have photographed up toiring battalions at one time

The two missions together covered the seven major North Vietnamese airfields,irm air order of battle (AOB) cannot be derived because


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weather conditions and variations in flight paths prevented simultaneous coverage of all seven. Despite these limitations, it appears.that the cur-rent estimate_of.fighter strength is'fairly liie^Ehotpgraphy revealed that the mix ofdifferent than we haveowever. For example,ndighters were photographed onh. Our estimate as of that day wasotal ofighters remained innd.

the basis of thisof subsequent losses as well asat the time of thethere are now betweenndetin the DRV. Of these, at leastre


Bomb damage assessment (BDA): The twoobtained extensive coverage of targets of the US strike effort in North Vietnam. Allf the targets being followed at first priority in CIA's BDA studies were covered, as well as nearly all of those being followed at second priority.

Coverage of the Hanoi power plant provided the best photography since the US strike ofune.way .on both the damaged boiler-house, and the .control building. heonfirmed damage to three boilers which suppliedfpr about half the generating capacity. photography of the Nam Dinh powerplantdestruction of the coal processing buildingtrike onune. Cumulative heavy damage to this facility will probably prevent even partial operation for at least six months. Coverage of the Ben Thuy powerplant showed no change since May, indicating that air strikes in early July inflicted no significant additional damage.

Transportation: As in previous BLACK SHIELD missions, wide coverage of rail and road transport routes and facilities was obtained. Detailed analysis of key targets such as bridges and rail yards is under way to assess the current status and



serviceability of the North Vietnamese rail system. Good coverage of the ma]or rail lines between China and the DRV has provided information for analysis of the level of rail transport activity and theof rolling stock available in the DRV. the coverage was extensive, however, the resolution is not good enough to deterrnine the extent of the present program to equip the North Vietnamese meter-gauge railway system with an extra track to accortroodate Chinese standard-gauge rolling stock.

major ocean port ofcovered, but hazo hampered analysis. major Chinese storage area andnear the northeastern DRV border, wasbut scattered clouds prevented aof trucks and rolling stock.

activity in North Vietnam: driver training course was observed fortime near the area of military campsfacilities probably built by Chinesein the Lao Cai area at the northwest The course, which is probably designedcargo truck drivers, is similar toin North Vietnam and south China. reports have mentioned Northdriver students being sent to south China It is possible that this training iscarried out in the sanctuary zone ofVietnam.


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