Created: 7/10/1967

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ntelligence Information Cable Country: North Viatnam Subject: Conditions in Hanoi Source

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is tho hot season in Hanoi and there isroughtOH the nightuly. There was no evidence to confirm tbeby the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) Ministry of Water4 July that the United States Air Force was intensifying strikes against dikes

^nd irrigation works.

"WWonfirmatlon of serious damage to tbe cakes or ol Hooding. Electric power In Hanoi has been cut by districts about threeeek, except for that used by key enterprises. In order that irrigation works could be supplied. An Increasing number of generators have relieved the power station. Water functions generally and is working better than it was in May, although emergency wells are widespread. Bus,*tram and railway services are crowded but adequate.

morale of the working population is now cheerful andbabies and old people suffer but are powerless to do anything.

I this adaptable, disciplined peasant people will not act differently from those in other towns of North Vietnam alreadyood is tight but lt is not at sub-nutrition level. Military and other stores arrived through Communist China at leastuly,eavy AA guite with crews. Six guns were being towed by tracked vehicles from the railrotd station on the nightuly.)

governmentpjU sfall shaken by the

itn Soviet attitude in the Middle mis.reague

III that the government party was eerioviTlyspH^wnilethe Middle East

crisis was going on, but the specific personalities or issues involved could not

be identified.)




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