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Arab States -

Israel (As0 AM EDT)

UN's ceasefire order Is being Egypt has officially announced it will not comply, and Nasir has personally so informed most other Arab governments. The Israelis may have broken their ceasefire agreement with Jordan.

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this morning the Jordanian prime minister told our embassy that Israeli tanks were moving Into northwestern Jordan. The ultimate aim ofovement might be to attack Syria. The embassy also sayson the Israeli-Jordanian front picked up during the night. "

tho Sinai Peninsula, the Israelis have apparently accomplished most of their military objectives. Yesterday the Israelii approached the Suez Canal so rapidly that they probably cut off the major portion of the retreating Egyptians.

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Cairo believes that publicof the Arab defeat has generated strong feeling against Nasir, and foreign diplomats ln Cairo consider the Egyptians aretate of panic over the military debacle.


in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, have damaged US installations, and our consulate in Aleppo has been attacked and burned. As the extent of the defeat sinks into the Arab countries, danger to US citizens still thereincrease. Refugees from tbe fighting in Jordan's West Dank arc already streaming Into Amman, where they could cause disorderat Americans.

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