Created: 7/24/1967

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SUBJECT: Views of Premier Ion Gheorghe Maurer as the Result of bis Mooting with President Johnson


believes that it is in Rumania's interest to develop relations with tbe United States ln the economic, cultural, scientific, and political fields. Be believes that his mooting with President Lyndon B. Johnsonood start in this direction and is satisfied with the discussions they held. Maurer informed the Party leadership of his talks with President Johnson and the same unanimous conclusion was reached.

Maurar found in the person of Presidentreat realistic politician and believes that he made Johnson understand Rumania's position.

is intorest-'esldent Johnson


mg that the meeting

determined changes ln Secretary General Nicolae Ceausescu's remarks on the United States in. his talk before the Grand National Assembly on7 and an entire paragraph on the United States was modified. 3efore the revision, the United States was treated harshly and accused as an aggressor, but ultimately, in the actual published version, Rumania manifested ln an open manner her desire for collaboration between the two countries. Bven the Vietnam conflict was treatedore sober tone than has been the practice of late.

5. In connection with Vietnam, Maurer made the assessment that President Johnson is not alone responsible for the existing state of affairs and that, in fact, the mistako can be traced back to PresidentPresident Johnson inherited the problem. Usurer believes, however, that President Johnson, in crying toolitical solution to Vietnam, is giving too much weight to domostlc considerations in the United States which are manifested through the pressures ol some influential political,and economic groups. For example, on one band President Johnsonroposal for peace

and, on the other, he intensifies militarythisesult of the pressures exerted by these different groups. In spite of this, Maurer believes that President Johnson is sincere in wanting peace in the world.

Regarding Vietnam, Maurer said it is difficult toolution there because the United States has gone too far in destroying Norththe North Vietnamese have nothing more to lose. Ho compared North Vietnamommunist who has been beaten by the Siguranta (the State security organization during the Royalist regime) who, after having his nails pulled, eyes gored, nose and tongue cut, has nothing else towhy give in.

In connection with Rumania, Maurer believes that in the next stage it is necessary for Rumania to take initiatives in expanding relations with the United States without, however, making great declarations of friendship on one side or the other. Maurer hopes that the United States will also turn in this direction and get down to concrete cooperation.

Rather illustrative of Rumania's situation is the following joke which Maurer related: "As Johnson was being drivenoad, bis chauffeur stopped the car when theyork in the road asking which way to turn. Johnson Instructed the chauffeur to turn right, and right he turnod. ew moments later, Kosygin reached the same fork in the road in his chauffeur-driven limousine. Asked the same question by bis chauffeur, Kosygin told him to turn left, and left he turned. ew additional moments, Hicolae Ceausescu found himself in the same spot. Vben bis chauffeur asked him what to do Ceausescu said, after looking the situation over, "Signal to the loft, but turn right."

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