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On the five occasions that Source observed prisoners being conducted through his hamlet and village, the prisoners wore combat uniforms, were barefoot andand carried belts containing about five cans of rice and cooking pots. On the occasion that So,urccaptured American, he observed that the Americanhito plastic helmet, black leather boots, and that his arms were not tied. The Vietnamese prisoners were tied together and walked in single file, guarded by the VC, Source believed that the SINK DINH Province Unit's prisoner-of-war camp was located in IX! HIA MEN and 3INH SOr; Hamlets,l HIA Village, HOAI AN District, BINH OINHM. Sourco believed that his

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training cell station was lying right on the commo-liaison route which was why the prisoners passed through and sometimes rested there.


AMSditionKSU,dition 1.


Source ssw captured American and Vietnamese prisoners being conduct through BINH DINH Province on five different occasions. The first these happened aroundhen he saw seven VC soldiers, equipped with submachine guns and rifles, conducting about AO OVN prisoners. Although Source did not know where these prisonora wore captured, ho saw them coming from the east ofON Village, crossing his own area of THACH BAN Hamlet, CAT SON Village, and continuingorthwest direction. The majority of prisoners were wearing coobat clothes, but had neither head coverings nor shoos. No rank or insignia was visible on their uniforms. Each prisonerelt containing about five cans of riceooking pot. The prisoners were divided into three groups, consisting ofrrisoners. The first group was lod by two VC; three VC were stationed between the first nnd second groups; and two VC brought up tho rear of the third group. Tho prisoners' arms were tied and they walked in single file.

Inource eaw about nine VC eoldiero oouipped with submachine guns and rifles conducting aboutVN prisoners from CUT KHANH Village to the northwest of CAT SON Villago. C cadre told Source that the prisoners were captured during the battle of Nhong Pass by the QUYET CHIEN Regiment, SAO VANC Division, in which GVN InfantryheUIET CHIEN Regiment. The prisoners remained ln CT SON Village forrinutos during which Source observed that each oneelt containing five cans of rice. They wore combat uniform, but had

no shoes or headgear. Some of the prisonersed unit insignia with two black mountains on lt; he did not boo the insignia of their military rank. The prisoners walked in single file, the wrist of the man in front being tied to the man behind him. Guards were stationedprisoner intervale along tho chain of captives.

ource saw five VC, carrying rifles andoboutVN prisoners from THUAN NINH Hamlet, BINHBINH KHE District, to the northwest of CAT SON Village. by Source's station0 houra and were wearing combat were bareheaded and barefooted. No insigniao were visible onbut it waa said that the prisoners wero GVN Main andsoldiers.

A. In aboutourceC aeuad conducting aboutVN

prisoners from the directionAI Village, PHU MI District, to the northweat of CAT SON* Village, PHU CAT District. The prisoners were wearing combat uniforms with neither shoos nor hate, and wore carrying rice and cooking pote. Theyed insignia with two black mountains Across it on their left ares. Source learnedadre that the prisoners were captured during an engagement on National Routef NIEP Village, PHU KZ District.

Afiain inource sew five VC leading aboutVN prxso and one United States prisoner from BINH THUAN and BINH TANINH KHE District, and heading northwest of CT SON Village. The prisoners passed Source's station at0ource observed that they wore combat uniforms; the GVN prisoners ware shoeless and bareheaded, while the Americanhite plastic helmet and black

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leather boots. -Helack insignia on his uniform, but Sourco did not recognize it. The GVN prisoners carried rice and cooking pots. The American's tends were not tied, ond ho did not carry anything. He was tall,ound faceeddish complexion.

Source estimated that the BIHK DINH Province unit's prisoner-of-war caiap might be located atn NCHIA DIEN and BINH SON Hamlets,NGHIrtH District. Source believed that his station was lying right on the VC commotio!son line which is why the VC conducted their prisoners through his hamlet and village, and sometimes rested there. Source also overheard VC cadres telling each other that if they went toward the northwest, they would have to travel onlyilometers to reach their destination, but if thoy went around the mountain, their trip would be difficult and dangerous, and ltB length would beoilometers.

The VC usually allowed the prisoners to eat, smoke and wash their hands during their rest stops inK Hamlet. VC gu-rds and nrisonors did not talk to each other, but Source noticed that the prisoners occasionally laughed ond talked to each other.

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