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VINH Exhibition of Photographs and Wreckage of US Aircraft



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visited VINH, NQHE AN Province, three times. Each visit lasted approximately one hour. The first visit washe second ina and the third inb. The first and third visits were merely walks through the city.

Inh, Source's unit ofen was stationed in NOHI PHONG Village, NGKI LOC District, NGHE AN Province, NVN, where they lived in the people's houses. One day in October, the entire unithree-hour march to VINH toisplay of American aircraft which had been shot down. Theysoook at captured American pilots.

Source's unit and'.mony other units marched right into VINH and to the center of the city where the exhibition was held. ThB units entered the exhibition grounds oneime. When all the military personnel had seen the exhibition, the local populace ws3 permitted to enter. The military did not have to pay an entrance fee; however, each civilian had toN'-'H) piaster ticket. Source did not know how the proceeds were used.

1*. Once inside the exhibition grounds, the menoom immediately to

the left of the entrance. ung girl attendant proceeded toisplay which consisted of photographs of flying aircraft, plane wreckage burning on the ground and militia shooting at aircraft with the weapons used ih the defense of VINH. The attendant said that rifles and machine guns were used as well7 millimeterillimeter csnnonsihere wasictureall uninjured negro prisoner standing dressed in light-colored pajamas surrounded by smilingN soldiers.

$. The unit movedecond roomirl attendant stood beside a

layoutilot's uniform which was in good condition. The uniformne piece dark grey affairhe upper front. The shoes, gloves and helmet were black.

the third room there was another girl attendant who describedshowing descending crippled enemy aircraft, someand some with opened parachutes along with the aircraft.

the soldiers had viewed the displays in each of these threewalked on to an exhibit displayed in an open-three waitedhad an unobstructed view of the exhibit by just standing lnthe open area. Several attendants in civilian clothes werethe displays ready to answer questions. No foreigners wereln the exhibition area. There wererrecked aircraft

in this exhibition area. The wrecks were not lined up but were arranged with the debris and wreckage of each plane placed approximately where it belonged in relation to the original aircraft. There were two typos of planes which reeembled each other except in size. The larger plane was abouteters longingspan of aroundeters; Source could not recall the size of the smaller plane but did say the wings were swept back. Each aircraft had two propellers, each approximately three meters long, which were placed on the floor in front of its wreckage. The North Vietnamese guides said that these aircraft had all been shot down in the VINH vicinity during the first attack on HANOIU during daylight hours. The attendants named the types of gun but Source could not remember. All the plane wreckageilver color. Source did not see any vehicles in the immediate vicinity which could have been used for transporting the wreckage nor did he know how the display wreckagewcarried. Throughout the one-hour long procession past the three rooms and the display room, no one asked questions. They learned only from what they observed

Immediately after examining the aircraft wreckage, the men were told to move on out of the exhibition area so other unite could enter. The cadres said that several of the pilots had been captured but that they had been takenamp near HANOI. They added that these foreigners were being well fed and treated so they could be used eventually in prisoner exchange. Source never saw or heard anything more about these prisoners. The display remained in Vim*eriod of one to two weeks.

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