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South Vietnam

5UUKT Viet Cong Vrlsoa System is BiDh Long Province

ho. rACn - 2


Puritip the periodAprilCone (VC) in Btnb Long Province bad five2 and Bl. The first canp, BO, toolding arearisoner'Bdecided. In camps B4 interrogations were he final decision was made ns to whetherwas to bo executed or released. risonerrelease was then moved to Bl, where he underwent dally and bad totatement that hesecret everything he had seea. All five campsof thatchedd were well guarded. Thereindication that any of the five camps held American

Purine the period-he Viet Cone (VC) In Biota Long Province appeared to havesystem of handling prisonersategories that involved the use Of five successive detention camps B2 and Bl. amppecific function and


The. first camp intorisoner was introducedocated IS silonotore southwest ofoh mt/^f" City (exact location unknown), The initial decision oncerning the prisoner's disposition probably wasore. After an undetermined period of tlae, the would bo transferred to

b. At, the prisoner was laterrofated frequently, usually about tbe sea* subjects, namely, personal bacl-around,

American and Vletnameee intelligence services worked for, Prlcooerr were atometimme tortured and were forced to dip treaches and foxholes around tbe prison compound. The HHUC'ff . caap was located at approximately XT QQ59fi2 and of six thatched houses,0 maters la size and


ouBingrisoners, guarded by aboutC. The prisoners are mainly llonliagnards, Cambodians and Vietnamese.

located at approximatelyurther interrogation. The'canp consistedthatched houses and was the stroncest of tbe fiveof defensive positions. Three trails vers usedB3: one froa Loi Minn Haa.iji, one from Traaad tbe third from the Song Be River, whichnatural boundary botwoen Government of VlntnaaLong snd Blnh Long Provinces. All other trails leadingsere mined and/or trapped with spike pits, BO VC were stationed pornaneotly at tbe caap,oooaoion, there were as many. One prisoner. A'i'rWceoded In escaping from B3 but was shortly recapturedby the VC.

Caap B2 was located at7 and wasrisoner's

o-3lf inal fate was decidod, that is, whether he vas to be

'c*t released or executed. Before any prisoner was exoaited,

ii*>L- bis crimes were Announced publicly to tbe other prisoners.

-yVietnamese prisoners were executed io

ill, z ono cfoamier candidate for tbe Matinal 'Assembly.

ll prieonors were sept lo their cells si sll

tiaes; like Canps B42 held approximately 46

litrisoners. Tbe permanent guard force was composed of t ontagnards.

If" it was decided torisoner, be was thenvo (ei-rea to Camp Bl, located at Be remained here

for an indeterminate tine, during which he was subjected ?yi>pL V'U*dally indoctrinationwas finally farced to write '.f' eclaration stating tbat he would keep secret after his


release everything he had seen. As the final step,W" prisoner was led to Tra Thanh Villago, where he was set free. At .Bl,risoners were confined inhatched houses.C sere io the camp. On occasion tho camp served as otenporary base for regularJ- novlog-through the area. Once,C troops camped sCVl'V there gor tbe night.

. ' It cannot beon Source's - ' comments if This procedure was standard for handling all

VC prisoners or if Source's sxperiences were %* Source was also unable to Identify the particular point at"which each prisoner is Introduced Into this VC penalT^_

system. At bo tine during theonths he spent la the

five camps described did be see any American *prlsoaersT<

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