Created: 8/14/1993

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KAZAKHSTAN:T. Delay NPT Accession

President Nazarbayev is responding negan*ely to the US requestaccede to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treatymonths; he is threatening to follow Ukraine's approach andaccession indefinitely, Nazarbayev claims Kazakhstanis bound by the Lisbon Protocol because Russia huconirol over all nuclear weapons in the formerHe is calling for stronger US security guarantees udUS io help Kazakhstan in its economic disputes with Russia,Moscow's effort to block the export of oil from Tengjz.p

Conament; Nazarbayev's remarks suggest the prospects forby this fall have dimmed. The KazakhstaniUkraine has garnered both attention and promisesaid ihrough iisazarbayev's implicitdoes not carry the same credibility as Kiev's becausedo not have the resource* to seize, control, orforces in their territory,

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