Created: 2/11/1994

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To Kmphastt* Business and Russia

Nazarbajf Is bringing mart dunusiness leaden with him to Vrtuhington next week and will try to itenrt increased VS investment,

The President alto wants ihe US lo broker nailed discussioni with Russia on sharing profits from the sales of highly enriched uranium from dismantled nuclearto preu rtporti. he recently told Ukrainian President Kravchuk that he would aik Wsshinftonrilateral agreement oa thaivlv to the one the US. Ruttia. and Ukraineon dat uc of ihe Bayionyr apace compka In addrooo. he will ask the US to persuade Russia lo ead its restriction on oil exports through Ha pipeline* and to nsoorraae its demand for equity interests in Kazakhstan's calfieU ia return far cooperationew RussiaKoraktoun pipeline. Nazarbayevtop in Moscow set for today; instead. Rusuan Foreign Minister Koiyre*Alrnaty Put week, but iheie was no movement on these- isiues.

uccessful US visit would increaserestige in advance of national and local elections setarch. Nazarbayev almost certainlyloser relationship with ibe US lo help secure Kazakhstan! sovereignty and economic prosperiiy. He apparently has lost patience with bilateral eh'scussiom widi Russia and believes only direct US involvement can persuade Moscow to be more accommodating un difficult

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