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R. James Woolsey Direccor of central intelligence At the

Presentation of The intelligence star to


I am pleased to welcome each of you to this afternoon's ceremony to award the Intelligence Star to Nick Starr. This award is being presented to him in recognition of his actions on that fateful day last January when the Central Intelligence Agency was struck by violence on its very doorstep.

In these times of increasing international and domestic violence, it is hard sometimes to fathom the terrible destruction that can result in the space of just minutes. And yet it is precisely the horror of violence that makes a simple act of selfless courage so remarkable. Let me review for you Nick Starr's act of courage.

On January 3 a few minutes before 0 an we believe to be Mir Aymal Kanzi opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle on CIA employees waiting in their vehicles at the Route traffic light to turn left into the Headquarters compound. At this time of day, many CIA employees are either already at work or on their way, and Nick was one of them.

Nick was in the habit of stopping in the mornings toup of coffee while he expertly dispatched the "Washington Post" crossword puzzle. That Monday morning was no different, except that the crossword puzzle was a little more difficult than usual, delaying his arrival at Headquarters by a few minutes. (I'm told, by the way, that he is considering raising this issue with "Post" management!)

And so it was that Nick came to be in the lead car in one of the two left-turn lanes on Route -- just ten minutes before eight onday morning that had otherwise promised to be like most other mornings.

Then the gunman emerged from several vehicles behind proceeded to walk toward between the two shooting into cars as Nick heard the made by the rifle. As turned toward his identify the sounds, he shot in the left shoulderpoint-blank range. recalled that all he was, "The Redcoats He threw his car into accelerated against toward the main gate. then shot Nick a second the same shoulder,

Amazingly, Nick was able to maneuver his speeding car all the way to the gate. There he attempted to raise the alert .with the Security Protective Officers on duty

the crew arrived.

By chance, was

already inwhen notified emergency.

Nick's efforts to reach the main gate and warn of the attack occurred while he was himself still under fire. His quick action in this

dangerous situation helped to prevent further bloodshed by hastening the end of the shooting and speeding the dispatch of rescue personnel to the soene. Although the toll exacted by the gunman that day was terrible, it could have been much, much worse.

who is Nick Starr?

During the course of his distinguished career, Nick has been the recipient of many awards, commendations, letters of appreciation, and so on. Today, however, Nick is receiving the Intelligence Star, which is an award reserved exclusively for colleagues who display unusual courage under hazardous conditions. This award mall but sincere token, given in recognition, of the personal courage and sense of duty displayed by Mr. Nicholas Starr on 25 January

Thank you, Nick, for your actions that day and for the ongoing sacrifices you continue to make. Youredit to this Agency and all that it stands for, and we are proud to serve with you.


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