Created: 1/7/1994

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CHINA: Japanese Foreign Mini-lee Visits

Foreign Minister Haia will discus* security and economic inaitcrs inweekend, according to Japanese press reports. He will urge theagreeomprehensive nuclear test ban and to continue eo presson the nuclear problem Itwa will also raise Tokyo's concernsmilitary speinhng and aims sales, which were addressed inlast month. Hata will inform hi; hosts of changes in Tokyo'sforwill shorten the

time frame ol Ihe aid package that beginsrom live to three years and will begin annual aid reviewseijing continues; to faror longer-term aid packages J

Comment: By makiag this visit despite the current political difficulties of the coalition government. Hata Is showing (he priority Tokyo gives to the deepening of iu rclairora wiih Beijing. Tokyo has long tried to influence Beijing through frequent diplomatic contacts, massive economic assisunce. and growing financial lies; end Ihc shortening of the muluycar aid commltmcni is an essential part of the Hosokawa government's effort to enhance its influence with Chirm. Some Japanese Foreign Ministry official* and politicians reportedly expect more frequent reviews to make Beijing more responsive to Tokyo's political and security concerns


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