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(Commentary by Duong



[Text) Th* Pentagon has said that it has againeport, found in the archives of the former Soviet Union, that since theietnam has heldew hundred more American POW's than it acknowledged to have held and returned to the United States. Our attitude toward this issue is crystal clear: We totally reject this claim and affirm that thisEXT:

Our Foreign Ministry spokesman statedeptember that Vietnam had in> American and foreign POW's at the time of the signing of the Paris agreement on Vietnam, a*. has been Informed. Vietnam returned all of them to. Government ino far.. POW's loft behind after the war haved captive in Vietnam. All other figures. POW's in Vietnam are inaccurate due to misinformation or ill-intentionedEXT:

As we know, this is not th* first Russian document. prisoners during the Vietnam War. One can still recsll that in1 certain people claimed that there. MM's being seat to the Soviet Union and now kept under detention in Russia. This immediatelyontroversy among tho public, particularly. public. Wetatement affirming that thisercent fabrication, whereas. Administration did not bother toearch. What about the results? The. Stat* Department spokesman, Mrs. Margaret Tutwiler, stated2 news conference in Washington that American officials at. Embassy in Moscow had conducted an investigation into reports about American servicemen being captured in Vietnam and detained in Russia. They had, however, found no evidence to confirm these reports. Mrs. Tutwiler said:. State Department saw this case as conclusive and there was no need to conduct any further investigations andEXT:

In certain people again released another fako document related to the fat* of. serviceman in Vietnam. This document was allegedly taken from the archives of theormer Soviet counterintelligence agency. Wo once again rejected this while. Administration launched an investigation to discover the truth. Like the previous case, this time. admitted that this documentEXT:

Senator Tom Herkin stated to. Congressional

POW MA Committee that certain people cut out photographs from old

Russian magazines and then alleged

that they. prisoners during the Vietnam war and were still alive, and that thisrutally deceitfulEXT:

Admiral (Thomasormer director. Naval Intelligence, also said lat* last year that. had mat so many reports which were either fabricated or totally inaccurate to the extent that analysts became skeptical of all other reportsBXT:

As in The previous two casos. early this year certain people raisod the question of POW MIA information being foundhird-country document. This scenario, of course, also faced the same fate as that of its two predecessors.





After spending some time looking for the truth, .

Administrationonclusion. The one who

arrived at this conclusion ia the. President, Bill

Clinton. At his White House news confernce

oneeel optimistic about

Vietnam's latest response to the identification of the

Russian document. Vietnam has provided us with evidence that may

reduce the value of that information

mentioned in the Russian document. He also added: It is thanks to the response from the Vietnamese side to the Russian document that the United States has made some progress toward examining those remaining cases of American POW's andEXT:

It was thought that such stories about fake documents on pow-HIA's would no longer resurface, but in this life there are still some people who refuse to change their bad habits even if they are beaten to death. Inherentlyeep hate for Vietnam,. ultrarlghtist force has sought ways to block or undermine any positive developmentsVietnameseTEXT:

Lately, they have againocument claiming that Vietnamarger number of American POW's than they returned to the United States. Perhaps, needless to say, one can have sufficient grounds to affirm that thisow fabricated story. Eventually the curtain on this stage play will drop quickly and those standing behind it will not be able to produce their expectedEXT:

It is necessary to emphasize here that we regard the pow-Ml* questionenuine humanitarian issue. We condemn anyone who tries to attach this issue to political demands. We hope and struggle for the normalizationVietnamese relations. But these relations should be baaed on equality and mutual respect for each other's interest and collective interest. ,TEXT:


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